Wearing the future on your wrist: What's next for Galaxy Watch and Wear OS?

Wearing the future on your wrist: What’s next for Galaxy Watch and Wear OS?

Written by Patrick Chomet, Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience Desk at Mobile eXperience Business, Samsung Electronics

Just a year ago at the Google I/O conference, I had the privilege of being part of the announcement of a new unified platform for Wear OS, bringing the best of Google together with wearable software and hardware experiences from Samsung Electronics. This was the culmination of the long-standing partnership between Samsung and Google.

Wear OS powered by Samsung was released on Galaxy Watch 4The chain was an important step for both companies and one that can only be achieved through a true collaborative partnership driven by our common goals. When we integrated our Tizen-based software platform with Google’s operating system, we knew we could make massive improvements to the overall user experience via Wear OS. It has been – and still is – enabling many features such as Watch Face Studio, which helps users and designers alike to create their own watch faces with ease and simplicity.

We bring the best of our partnership forward, and together we strive to create innovative experiences for Samsung Galaxy users. As such, Wear OS truly represents the value of our collaboration. In fact, I think we can officially call Wear OS an undeniable success, as there are now more than three times more active Wear OS devices than there were last year. We see this growth in our wearables as just the beginning of bigger things to come.

A unified platform centered around you

As a leader in the wearables market, Samsung understands the importance of uniting the wearable user experience with the broader Android community. As we develop these experiences, we listen to our users to make improvements and upgrades that will improve their daily lives. The creation of Wear OS allowed Android developers to easily port an icon from their smartphone apps to create Wear OS apps. When Galaxy users download the Wear OS compatible app from the Google Play Store, they can choose to automatically install the same app on their Galaxy Watch as well.

Samsung Galaxy users were the first to get the latest features and benefits of the partnership and platform, culminating in the most important wearable to date – the Galaxy Watch4 series. Our mission is to ensure that our customers not only enjoy the Galaxy experience, but also feel empowered to make changes that improve their overall health and wellness. Health Connect, announced today, is the result of our ongoing efforts to provide comprehensive health solutions to our users.

Expanding the Android ecosystem

As we celebrate one year of collaboration and success, we are opening up the ecosystem even further by bringing new experiences and benefits to Galaxy Watch4 users. This summer, I’m happy to share that Galaxy Watch4 users will be able to download Google Assistant to their devices, which features faster and more natural voice interactions, enables quick answers and help on the go.

We offer enhanced functionality to our external partners as well. Soon, our users can control Spotify with Google Assistant and change songs on the go using just their voice. But we don’t stop there. Later this year, more Google apps and services will be optimized for Galaxy Watches, once again providing the most comprehensive and seamless wearable experience with Android smartphones.

We’ve just scratched the surface of the potential of our partnership with Google and what’s coming for our users. Galaxy Watch series devices are already loved by Android smartphone users with our distinctive designs, rich watch face ecosystem and comprehensive health platform. I can’t wait to show you the next wave of innovation and ecosystem improvements that we’ve been working on for this series. Stay tuned for more exciting news!

2022-05-11 19:01:21

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