Godzilla & Kong Invade Call of Duty Warzone In Operation Monarch - Full Details

Godzilla & Kong Invade Call of Duty: Warzone In Operation Monarch – Full Details | geek culture

for players Call of Duty: War Zonethe risks were not greater with the arrival of Operation Monarch. The two-week Battle Royale event sees two iconic monsters arrive in the Caldera, ready to battle you in the mix.

Whether you’re playing as a veteran or new to the game, here’s everything you need to know Operation Monarch at Call of Duty: War Zone It occurs between May 11 and May 25.

Operation Monarch Limited Time

In the titular mode that makes Kong and Godzilla a part of the fun, the two creatures can be found doing their thing around Caldera. Initially peaceful, players can go collect Monarch Intel, complete challenges, gear up with Monsterverse packs, and engage each other.

The mode is all about the quads, so team up with three other friends and join a 60-player match. With the rules of resurgence in play, you can always reappear as long as one player on your team is still alive. As you collect Intel, you can build a counter that helps unlock Killstreaks and Loadout Drops, but most importantly, a special Titan Killstreak. Dealing damage to Kong or Godzilla also fills the meter, but at the risk of causing a Titan Frenzy.

When Titan Frenzy is in effect, both Kong and Godzilla will start attacking players in a rage. You can either hide and try to survive, or fight against huge creatures for precious rewards. The team that deals the most damage to Titan will get the Monarch SCREAM, with the contestants getting the Intel.

The Titan SCREAM (Titan Sonic Communication Radar and Echolocation Array Module) is a modular device developed by Monarch that allows customers to unleash the formidable power of Godzilla and Kong in battle. Yes, you can use Godzilla’s heat breather or Kong’s mighty ground pound Call of Duty: Operation Monarch War Zone. Count a good time, and watch your enemies shiver in fear.


This event contains eight challenges – complete all eight challenges to receive the special ancient rivalry shooters blueprint:

  • Play Operation Monarch for 6 hours: Reward – Epic Magic “Ancestral Skull”
  • Use Kong or Godzilla’s Killstreak once: Bonus – Rare “Ancient Relic” magic
  • Use Kong or Godzilla Killstreak three times: Bonus – Rare “Monarch Eyes Only” magic
  • Deal 500,000 damage to Titans: Bonus – Rare “Concrete Forest” poster
  • Deal 135,000 total damage to Kong in Titan Frenzy events: Bonus – Legendary “Team Godzilla” Emblem
  • Deal a total of 135,000 damage to Godzilla in Titan Frenzy Events: Reward – Legendary “Team Kong” Emblem
  • Collect 3000 Monarch Intel: Reward – the epic “Skyline Crasher” calling card
  • Place in the Top 15 Twelve Times in Operation Monarch’s Limited Time Mode: Bonus – Epic “One Will Fall” Machine Gun

Item Packs

While you can take on the Titans with traditional weapons, why not turn their power against them with these 3 Monsterverse packs available in Operation Monarch to Call of Duty: War Zone:

Tracker Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Pack

Call of Duty: Warzone - Operation Monarch - Tracker Pack: Godzilla Reactive Mastercraft Limited Time Pack

This contains nine items, including Shigenori’s “Godzilla Ghillie” legendary minion skin and his other notable element: Mastercraft’s “Breath of Godzilla” weapon outline.

Away from the light blue tracking rounds, Godzilla’s Breath can be exceptional against Kong. Extended magazines and low recoil help deliver consistent damage over time without a lot of target adjustment. Against a target that jumps and stomps around, the ability to keep a weapon steady with little effort can be crucial to success during Titan Frenzy.

The other weapon in this pack, the legendary “Awakened Alpha” LMG, is an all-out threat to teams and monsters. Use it within a few dozen meters of your target to get a reliable damage output.

Tracker Bundle: Kong Limited Time Bundle

Call of Duty: Warzone - Operation Monarch - Tracker Bundle: Kong Limited Time Bundle

This bundle includes Wade’s “Kong” legendary agent skin and other items, the three legendary weapon schemes: the “Temple of Kong” sniper rifle and the “Skull Island Shaker” SMG, both of which shoot green forest tracers, and the “Kong mace”.

Although cool, the Kung Mace has a limited range and is more recommended for use against customers. While the “Temple of Kong” and “Skull Island Shaker” are loaded with extended magazines and built to inflict consistent damage to any Titan at a reasonable range.

Specifically, the Kong Temple could be a great weapon against Godzilla. Since it’s offshore, the extended range of this weapon helps the client inflict significant damage at a distance. As a secondary weapon through the Overkill Perk feature, the “Skull Island Shaker” helps keep nearby enemy agents at bay during Titan Frenzy’s attacks.

Mechagodzilla Time Limited Package

Call of Duty: Warzone - Operation Monarch - Mechagodzilla Limited Pack

As much as we love Kong and Godzilla, we know that the combined power of the Destroyer Titans and Apex Cybernetics can be enough to inflict significant damage on the Titans’ protector. Whether you yearn for the return of King Ghidorah or just want to use the latest and greatest Apex technology for humanity, there are two interlinked weapons built to take on the Titans.

Both weapons feature quick-fire attachments, with an “electronic destroyer” assault rifle capable of penetrating the thick defenses of Kong and Godzilla at mid-range. The SMG “Neural Uplink” prefers more action at close range, for those who aren’t afraid to climb up to monsters over 300 feet or entire teams get distracted trying to “befriend” monsters in Operation Monarch to Call of Duty: War Zone.

Getting multiple packs before June 13th will unlock additional rewards for players.

Monsterverse Invitation Cards

For fans who want to really immerse themselves in the experience, there are exclusive contact cards to get. Open it by visiting Monsterverse.com and share your email details

After doing that, look for an email from the Monsterverse team to receive a special code. Next, log in with your Activision account at Call of duty website, enter your code when prompted, and claim your rewards!

Tips to survive

If you need more advice on how to navigate the unique circumstances of Operation Monarch at Call of Duty: War ZoneContinue reading.

  • Map about monsters. The Tac map shows the monsters’ current locations, while the mini map shows their attack area. Check these out often, especially during the Titan Frenzy events.
  • Search for intel. Titan Frenzy event is not the only way to earn a SCREAM device. Watch out for Intel’s supply drop, be sure to open supply chests and scavenge for enemy bodies for additional information, which can add up to Killstreaks, Loadout Drops, and a SCREAM device.
  • Remember: emission rules. are eliminated during Operation Monarch It does not necessarily mean death. If your teammates fall due to enemies or monsters, stay alive until they are respawned.
  • High capacity and high damage. Kong and Godzilla may never die, but you better believe that they will deal tons of damage from a weapon with a large store and damage per second. Consider planning your gear capacity for maximum damage if your squad is aiming to win the Titan Frenzy…or look around for some conveniently placed heavy weapons.
  • Hit, then shout Participating in Titan Frenzy events is one of the fastest ways to get a SCREAM. Keep targeting any of the monsters for bonuses, and consider saving them until the last episodes to get maximum damage.

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