Bungie promises to fight hate and bigotry in its online spaces

Bungie promises to fight hate and bigotry in its online spaces

The creator of Destiny 2 is the first game maker in the game industry to pledge action following the recent homegrown terrorist attack in New York.

destiny 2 Manufacturer Bungie has vowed to take action to combat racism and bigotry on its online platforms, in the wake of the recent domestic terrorist attack in Buffalo, New York. On May 14, an 18-year-old white man killed 10 people and injured several others when he opened fire at a grocery store in Buffalo. Authorities confirmed it was a hate crime after finding ample evidence that Gendron deliberately targeted a majority black community and attributed anti-black and anti-Semitic views.

Bungie took the Be Heard pin to the front page of the Bungie Store and promised to donate all profits from pin sales to the Southern Poverty Law Center for at least the next year. The studio said it will also double up on diversity, inclusion and equality initiatives and see how it can make its online spaces safer for everyone.

Bunji said in statment. It is time that we begin to examine our practices and see what role we can play in preventing these tragedies. Black at Bungie intends to partner with the player support team and the community to see how we can enhance our ongoing efforts to maintain safe, anti-racism spaces where our players and fans can come together.”

This is the first time an entity in the gaming industry has publicly stated its intent to address issues of racism and hate, rather than simply expressing its support for an issue.

Bungie also called on other developers and community administrators to do what they can to address the issue.

According to reports, the Buffalo shooter developed his views on platforms like 4chan and Discord, and broadcast the attack on Twitch. Discord and Twitch platforms are used for purposes other than video games, but Bungie’s public recognition of games’ role in fostering hate societies and white supremacy is rooted in a growing trend.

In 2021, a Anti-Defamation League Published a study showing increases in reports of harassment of women and non-white players in online multiplayer games. A rise in harassment has been linked with game developers and publishers speaking out against the killing of George Floyd and an increase in hate crimes against Asians – speaking out, but taking no action.

In April 2022, author Ebram Kennedy published a report in Atlantic OceanOn the same topic, with stories of teens and young adults being recruited into white supremacist groups in multiplayer lobbies in games like It is an electronic game. Educators will take the conversations to sites like 4chan and Reddit, using racist and misogynistic memes to create a sense of shared values ​​with their goals.

With that context, Bungie’s call for action from other studios takes on a greater sense of urgency, though so far it remains the only developer promising action.

The statement came shortly after Bungie also voiced its support for reproductive rights as a basic healthcare right, and while the studio hasn’t revealed any action plan to help pro-abortion employees or organizations, that may come as no surprise given Sony’s stance, Bungie’s soon-to-be owner, took this thread.

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