Willow 2022 demo: Big hints and bigger questions about Baby Elora, Joanne Whalley's return, and more - IGN

Willow 2022 demo: Big hints and bigger questions about Baby Elora, Joanne Whalley’s return, and more – IGN

first joke Trailer for the Disney + Willow series dropped in Star Wars Celebrationgiving us a closer look at the continuation of the story and the characters introduced in the classic 1988 film of the same name.

It’s been 34 years since the Ron Howard-directed movie Willow, which was based on an original story by George Lucas and written by Bob Dolman. Basically it was the original story of Willow Ofgood (Warwick Davis), the protected dwarf Nelwyn who aspired to be a wizard. The film began with the discovery of an adorable abandoned infant, Elora Dunn, who was in his care. As it turned out, Elora was predicted to end the evil rule of Queen Pavmurda (Jean March). With his dreaded enough young type, Willow is tasked with returning the child to humans, and in the process ends up gathering some allies, including the mercenary swordsman Madmartigan (Val Kilmer), Queen Sorcha’s daughter (Joan Wally), and two youngsters. Brownies (Kevin Pollack and Rick Overton).

It was announced last year that Warwick Davis will return to play Willow ofgood in the series, alongside new cast members including Robbie Cruz, Erin Kellyman, Ellie Bamber, Rosabell Llorente Sellers and Tony Revolori. What the new teaser has surprisingly revealed is that Joanne Waal is reprising her original role as Sorcha, a fierce warrior.

Regardless, Willow’s humor definitely leaves us with some big hints about the narrative and some bigger questions about the further adventures of the Nelwyn wizard. Here are some things to note…

Willow 2022: Willow’s Got His Magic Goes

At the end of Willow, the dwarf used some sleight of hand to trick Pavmorda into mistakenly “negating her fury”, thus fulfilling the prophecy she was trying to avoid. Willow is rewarded with a real book of spells that he seems to have put to good use in the years since. Presently, he was swinging an inner staff with a glowing green gem that he could ignite with a wave of his hand. Plus he speaks like someone who clearly has mastered the Wise Mage 101 class. Exactly how long Willow used his magical skills in the meantime remains to be seen as he still lives in his home village. It’s a group of strangers who summon him to help use his magic on a new mission.

Is Baby Elora Now Kit?

The fate of this cute baby Elora is placed in the hands of Sorsha and Madmartigan, who adopted the young girl at the original Willow end with the intention of raising her in Tir Asleen. according to early casting sidesThe character of Kate (Cruz) is a princess and daughter of Sorcha. Is she the product of the union of Madmartigan and Sorsha, or is she actually Elora, who prophecy says will unite the kingdoms? Now, it is not clear. But according to the casting details themselves, the series has Kate leave her home to find her kidnapped twin brother.

Where is Madmartigan Val Kilmer?

It’s clear that Val Kilmer is no longer doing extended acting roles Because of his healthSo, the fate of his character Madmartigan and the state of his relationship with Sorsha, who now appears to be a queen, will be a major revelation as the series’ narrative develops. Top Gun: Maverick recently dealt with Kilmer’s case like that.

Willow Official Teaser Trailer Pictures

mission they will go

In the original movie, Willow may have the heart of a hero, but he also has a farm and family, with a wife and young children. He sets off on his journey with Elora Danan because High Aldwin, or village chief, is basically telling him that he must for the safety of their home. One of the best scenes in the movie is when Willow returns home, embracing his beloved family. On Willow’s Star Wars Celebration panel, Davis asserts that his real-life daughter, Annabelle Davis, plays his on-screen adult daughter, while his son, Lloyd Davis, treats all fall as Willow’s striking weakness.

And again for the series, it looks like the person who lives in the house Willow will be provoked to leave his comfort zone to help with Kate’s mission. Is it a pro because she’s actually all grown up, or is it because of his general attachment to Sorcha and her family? We’ll see, but any good journey story usually has a fellowship, and it looks like six of them go on that adventure together: Willow, Kit, Jade (Kellyman), Dove (Bamber), Boorman (Amer Chadha-Patel) and Revolori’s as yet unnamed character . In every aspect of the casting, Dove is a kitchen maid who is revealed along the way to be “the Chosen One,” while Boorman is a thief forced to join the squad of heroes, and Jade is Kit’s BFF, as well as a knight-exercise.

Creatures and creatures (and brownies) galore

As with the original movie, and in keeping with the fantasy genre, the Willow series is already filled with fantasy creatures — and we’ve barely seen the tip of that iceberg yet. The teaser confirmed that the Brownies will be back, so everyone can start chasing Kevin Pollack as to whether or not he’ll be back. Other than that, we peek at some giant angry hawks, an aquatic creature with adorable, adorable eyes, that we actually want to take home. Bring on the rest of the zoo!

The Willow series will premiere on Disney+ on November 30, 2022 with Jonathan Kasdan, Ron Howard, Wendy Merkel, Kathleen Kennedy, and Michelle Rigwan as executive producers.

Getting a glimpse of Willow’s return is just one of many that have been revealed at Star Wars Celebrations so far, and he joins The release date and first trailer for Star Wars: Andor, Star Wars: Skeleton Crew revealed, And the Confirmation of the arrival of the third season of The Mandalorian and the premiere of Ahsoka in 2023.

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