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What to expect at WWDC 2022: iOS 16, MacBook Air, M2, Mac Pro, and VR

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off Monday, June 6 at 10AM PT, and while the keynote is usually software-centric, there’s reason to believe some hardware will appear as well.

Apple tends to announce a lot of software features to a wide variety of consumer devices, but updates that attract creative professionals tend to make their way to iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

iOS, iPadOS and macOS

As a developer conference, WWDC tends to rely more on software announcements than hardware, and Apple is quite certain to show off new features coming to iOS in the fall. Bloomberg Mark Gorman, who is a fairly reliable source when it comes to Apple rumors and was correct with his predictions of Apple’s latest event, says that iOS 16 will introduce new Apple apps as well as a new way to interact with the operating system.

Gorman says in his weekly article employment the news. “It will be full of changes across the operating system, including updates to notifications, multitasking on the iPad, messaging apps, and health. The change also includes a part of the interface that is often an afterthought: the lock screen.”

This could mean that Apple plans to add more widgets or tweak how users interact with them, which could help Apple users feel like there’s more to do before they actually unlock their devices. Gurman says he rarely interacts with his iPhone when it’s locked, and guesses that’s the case for many other users as well. Apple may be looking to change that with iOS 16, add Always On to the next iPhone, and add software that powers that capability.

iPadOS is also likely to get an upgrade about multitasking:

The update will likely make tweaks to allow windows to be resized freely and could enable different form factors for iPads. While Apple appears reluctant to put the full capabilities of macOS on the iPad, this could be a huge leap that would enable compact devices to compete more squarely with two-in-one PC offerings like Microsoft’s Surface.

WWDC will probably bring an update to macOS as well, but very little has made its way into the rumor mill other than that it might get something similar to put the focus on the iPhone and could be called macOS Mammoth.

Macbook Air, M2, and Mac Pro

The hardware rumors are once again coming courtesy of Gurman who predicted that Apple would release at least two PCs in the middle of the year.

While some believe this could mean the next generation of Apple’s processor, the M2, in the new MacBook Air, the edge He seems to think that WWDC’s audience of developers, professionals, and enthusiasts makes it a great place to launch the promised Mac Pro.

During a March event, Apple said that the Mac Studio would not be the last device to run the M1 and hinted that it would be the Mac Pro. With most expecting the M2 to appear in lower-end machines this year, it makes sense that Apple would ditch the M1 series with a big hit.

VR . Headset

The last major device to be seen at WWDC is Apple’s much-anticipated virtual reality (VR) headset. While it’s certainly not something to expect, it could appear alongside the announcement of software support for VR which will go well with the WWDC audience.

Hear the keynote at WWDC on June 6 at 10 a.m. PT.

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