Nicole: It was all strategy not personal

Nicole: It was all strategic, not personal – globaltv

Nicole: It was all strategic, not personal

Nicole Laug. Image courtesy: CBS.

Written by John Powell –

Nicole Laog, a private chef from Florida, and Taylor Hill, a personal stylist from Michigan, didn’t always get together at Big Brother’s house. Their relationship was as rocky as The Thing from Marvel’s The Magnificent Four.

Although their relationship has been heated at times, Nicole says it was all just part of the game.

“It was a strategy. I thought I could use it as a shield. I thought I could manipulate it and control its game and the fact that the majority of the people I was working with wanted it, I thought I could make it work for them,” she said of her planning to build loyalty and trust with others in the house.

Nicole and Daniel’s plan this week to finally redeem Taylor’s home was disastrously wrong. Believing they have the votes and unaware of the Leftovers alliance, Daniel uses the power of his veto to save Alyssa and Andy knowing that family head Monty will put Nicole and Taylor on the set as the pair of Festie Bestie. What they didn’t know was that The Leftovers were working to target Alyssa before Daniel made his decision.

Nicole Laug and Julie Chen Moonves. Image source: Ann-Marie Oliver, CBS.

“I should have listened to Michael and I never believed a word Monty said to me. When my princess came home, I didn’t know who I could really trust. I thought taking the big risk of having them veto and putting them in a stumbling block with Taylor, I thought I was I make a move that would be a “Ha-Ha!” moment but it didn’t work that way,” she said of the duo’s massive miscalculation.

Now that you know everything, Nicole is quick to make props to The Leftovers.

It’s perfect. It’s a coincidence, actually. It’s kind of really amazing! He’s Big Brother! I love him! I’m so excited for them! I hope they all get away with it. Hopefully Kyle’s show doesn’t get in the way though.”

When it comes to her playing style, Nicole admits that her emotions sometimes got over her. As with many previous players, I had a hard time separating the game from personal relationships. This bitter animosity within her sparked her televised breakup and eventual breakup with Taylor. Emotionally, Nicole felt like she was pulling in different directions.

“I think the conflict was that I was playing this game with an alliance that I wanted to prove my loyalty to. I was trying to figure out what I could do to prove to them that I would ride or die and that I would do whatever it takes to make them all safe, move forward and hopefully make it to the end. I am a competitor. Throwing in the competition is one of the worst feelings when you’re in play. On top of that, I started to realize that I was letting go of their judgments about Taylor and their feelings about my judgment cloud and my feelings about her. I fell into that rabbit hole too,” she admits.

Nicole fears that her boyfriend Daniel has fallen into the same trap and is letting his emotions guide his game.

“He needs to stop wearing his emotions on his sleeve and get into play mode. He needs to get his emotions checked at the door. This is the best way he can move forward in this game. He is a huge fan. He has been watching Big Brother. He has watched every episode At all and watching the live stream. I think his emotions have put his game on hold. From now on, he needs to check that out and move on with monster mode, game mode, and really focus on that,” she advised.

Being a former police officer and now a personal chef, one wonders what skill set would best serve Nicole at home? Obviously, Nicole.

“Being a Chef! (laughs) More than anything, these people ate my food that I cooked in a way I never knew could be cooked! He inspired people like Turner to also turn into things that weren’t possible like French toast. It’s crazy for me! “My kitchen and my social game should be my driving force,” she said, smiling and shrugging her shoulders.

If the drama at the Big Brother house wasn’t enough, Nicole’s life was turned upside down when her mother, Rosie, was diagnosed with cancer before she received the key to Big Brother’s house. At the time of our conversation, Nicole hasn’t spoken directly to her mother but the production has been reaching out to her frequently and keeping an eye on her situation.

Daniel Durston and Nicole Laug. Image: CBS.

“My mom instilled a lot of independence in my sister and I. She’s a strong fighting woman,” Nicole said proudly, her eyes a little teary. “Without her motivation and support, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Although she didn’t make up a jury and her game ended the way Nicole did, she didn’t regret the Big Brother experience.

“The fact that I went through the same doors that legends like Janelle Berezina, Caesar Reza, Derek Levasseur, and Tiffany Mitchell, the people I looked at, did, was amazing. I am proud of the fact that I was able to pass through the same door that they did even if my stay was only thirty days. I’m happy! Now I can see my mom. I can see my niece and my nephews. I’m going to spend time with my family. I’m going to my best friend’s wedding. I’m so happy with the life I’m living abroad and I can’t wait to continue cooking for my client and keep moving forward.”

Big Brother USA is broadcast three times a week on Global TV. It airs Sundays and Wednesdays (8:00-9:00 p.m. ET/PT) and Thursdays (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/Late PT), featuring a live evacuation show that Hosted by Julie Chin Moonves.

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