Einride teases a stylish new trailer at the inaugural Mesh Conference

Einride teases a stylish new trailer at the inaugural Mesh Conference

During the inaugural Einride Mesh Technology Conference, independent electric charging company Einride introduced new software and hardware products. This includes updates to its Saga operating system, as well as the debut of Einride’s new E-Trailer concept – a design concept that provides comprehensive payload information as well as additional overall range from its integrated battery.

Einride is a freight technology company founded in Sweden in 2016 that develops electrified commercial mobility solutions and Class 8 autonomous trucks. We first covered the startup in 2018 when it unveiled the T-Log, a fully autonomous electric log truck.

This was followed by a nameplate for the Ainred, a similar driverless electric truck that first began testing public roads in Sweden in 2019 and will soon hit US roads as well. Last November, Einride announced its entry into the US market, including plans for a new headquarters in New York.

Additionally, Einride began training Remote Pod Operators in Texas after the public introduction of the first Pod Operator, creating an entirely new career for electric charging.

In addition to developing independent Pod trucks, Einride also provides electronic trucks that feature the data-driven Saga platform to help improve fleets and logistics for its customers. In 2022 alone, Einride has shared plans to deploy 200 BYD Class 8 electric trucks in the US and partnered with Danish shipping giant AP Moller-Maersk (also known as Maersk) to further electrify the charging sector.

With its latest announcement from Sweden, Einride has beefed up its Saga OS and could soon offer an impressive new battery electric trailer.

Some screenshots of Saga apps including Explore and Evolve / Source: Einride

Einride updates the Saga for fleets, and reveals a cool new concept

Einride announced its new product developments during its first-ever Einride Mesh Conference – a conference in Gothenburg, Sweden providing keynote speeches, panel discussions and presentations from leaders in technology and sustainability.

During the event, Einride made some announcements of its own, especially regarding its Saga OS. Saga currently helps improve transportation flows for electric and autonomous freight fleets by analyzing all physical conditions and routing needs with mathematical precision.

Einride Mesh featured for the first time an expanded and updated user interface for the original Saga apps – Evolve, Explore, Book and Orchestrate -. In addition, Einride gave viewers a sneak peek at the new API developer platform, Extend API. With Extend come three new distinct Saga apps designed specifically to help fleet customers simplify their deliveries:

  • to hand in: Gives drivers delivery instructions, real-time status updates, and digital proof of delivery, while keeping warehouse teams in the loop
  • Sidewalk: Aligns standalone deliveries with its own convenient charging stations
  • king: Monitors the profitability and sustainability of electrical assets

Introducing the Einride E-Trailer

Last but not least, Einride Mesh attendees got a glimpse of the company’s next potential EV, called the E-Trailer. Eirnide describes this new compact battery as a “design concept” for now, but has plans to eventually bring it into production and initial trial as early as 2023, following more design iterations.

The Einride E-Trailer is designed for seamless integration with other Einride electric and autonomous vehicles to provide optimum performance. However, it will also be compatible with conventional electric semi trucks. According to the press release, the E-Trailer along with one of the tractor options mentioned above can extend the electric vehicle’s overall range to more than 400 miles (650 km) on a single charge.

When we asked Einride to explain how he got that number without knowing how far the tractor pulls the new trailer, a company representative explained:

The integrated Einride E-Trailer batteries enable the expansion of the range of Einride electric connected trucks. We can come up with a certain range number based on the known power of the Einride 320 kWh batteries compared to what we can imagine the vehicle can towing.

We should learn more about the exact range that the E-Trailer will provide when we see future iterations and experimentation with specific Einride EVs pulling it off. Aside from the extra range, we know the E-Trailer will arrive loaded with technology and powered by the Einride Saga.

Shippers can be notified when the trailer is being loaded/unloaded, while the shipment is being processed. Saga also helps with preventative maintenance, addressing problems before they become more expensive or dangerous to repair. Check out the first video from Einride below:

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