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Ecobee launches new smart thermostats with built-in air quality monitoring | BetaKit

The new smart thermostats are the latest release from Ecobee after the acquisition.

Toronto-based home technology company Ecobee has launched its latest line of smart thermostats: Smart Thermostat Premium and Smart Thermostat Enhanced.

The latest Ecobee product has previously been leaked online, with the Premium model initially appearing on Canadian Tire’s retail listing. The improved model was reportedly first seen in a Reddit post.

Both new thermostats are built with radar, which Ecobee claims is the company’s most advanced sensing technology to date. This feature is used to improve temperature readings, as well as to detect occupancy and motion.

Ecobee is promoting its premium thermostat as the only smart thermostat that has both an indoor air quality monitor and a built-in smart speaker that can be paired with Siri or Alexa. With an air quality monitor built into the device, the thermostat can display important data about indoor air quality, including volatile organic compounds, estimated carbon dioxide levels, and relative humidity.

The Premium option also comes with Ecobee’s signature SmartSensor, which can be placed anywhere inside the home to detect motion and provide a more accurate reading of space occupancy and temperature.

Using Ecobee’s Energy Star certified smart thermostats, the company claims that its products automatically help customers save up to 26 percent on annual heating and cooling costs. Ecobee has been named ENERGY STAR Partner for the second year in a row.

Founded in 2007 by Stewart Lombard, Ecobee said it has helped customers across North America save more than 25 terawatts of energy, the equivalent of taking all Los Angeles homes off the grid for a year, or 3.8 million. Off-road cars for a year.

As of December, Ecobee became a subsidiary of Generac after initially announcing its $770 million acquisition deal in November.

Ecobee has been presented with many options when it comes to acquisitions, receiving offers from Amazon, which has invested in Ecobee through its Alexa fund, according to The Globe and Mail. Ecobee has also been reported to have been in merger talks with special purpose buyout firm Canaccord Genuity Growth II Corp. for a deal that would value the combined entities at US$490 million.

Lombard told BetaKit that Ecobee considered all of these options and decided Generac was best suited to get to market faster. Ecobee currently has 520 employees, and with the help of Generac, Lombard expects to grow the company to more than 600 by June 2022.

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With the launch of upgraded smart thermostats, Ecobee is positioning itself in a competitive home automation market that includes big companies like Google, Amazon and Apple.

Google currently offers the Nest Thermostat, which Google claims is the first thermostat to receive Energy-Star certification. Amazon and Apple also offer their own smart thermostat offerings.

Despite heated competition that includes the likes of big tech companies, Ecobee maintains an open ecosystem. Like all of its recent products, the new smart thermostats can also be integrated with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and IFTTT. The Premium model can be controlled via the built-in Amazon Alexa or Siti.

The new smart thermostats are just one of the latest products Ecobee has released since it officially became a Generac subsidiary in December.

In April, Ecobee also launched its own smart security system with professional monitoring in the United States. Previously known as Haven, Smart Security was initially announced in November with a beta version available, before the acquisition was completed.

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