Gained 100lbs With Gestational Diabetes - Despite Constant Vomiting

Gained 100lbs With Gestational Diabetes – Despite Constant Vomiting

Weight gain from gestational diabetes is common, but that hasn’t made it any easier.

Like Princess Kate, all of my pregnancies come with hyperemesis gravidarum. This is the polite way to say it. Really, I know I knocked because I vomited a lot. It got worse with each child and over time baby number 3 The beloved obstetrician-gynecologist was sending prescriptions at the seventh week. The drugs relieved me of the nausea somewhat, but made me very sleepy. And since I still felt nauseous, I had to eat what I could, when I could. Escape for french fries? amazing. ice cream? all of which. Pizza? We will slap it. Who knew when I would eat next?

I just kept vomiting. However, I was not losing weight. I was gaining a lot of weight from it. in 12 week mark, I have already gained at least 15 lbs. With a strong family history of type 2 diabetes, I called an OB. “I think I need a glucose test,” I told her.

In the 12th week of pregnancy, when many women come for their first prenatal visit, they are prescribed metformin, a drug intended to control blood sugar. But no matter what diet I adhered to (and it was very difficult to stick to a diet when I was vomiting), I couldn’t control my blood sugar. My numbers were rocking up and down, up and down, every time I pricked my finger for a home glucose test.

So they prescribed insulin, which means injections.

Three times a day, I carefully measured my dose and injected it into my thigh. I would like to make it look nicer. But when you’re sitting in the bathroom, usually on the toilet seat, stabbing yourself with a needle around your ever-widening belly, there’s a whiff of shame. How did I get here? You ask yourself, because society tells us that type 2 diabetes, especially uncontrolled diabetes, is caused by poor eating and lack of exercise. If only I could eat better. If only I could get up and move around. Then I probably wouldn’t have to throw these needles in a box that says “medical waste”.

But I couldn’t eat better threw everything. I also can’t do sports. Everyone tells pregnant women that they should go for nice walks? Try it when you sleep for sixteen hours straight and totally exhausted for another eight because the life medicine you take to keep you are turning you into a complete zombie. Oh, and this drug? It is likely to have a side effect of weight gain.

And I won. and gained. and gained. My blood sugar only remained stable when I ate something sweet before bed, a trick my friend who was there, and did, recommended. Every night, a small bowl of ice cream helps me out. This ice cream went straight to wherever the ice cream went and stayed on the stand’s body.

They decided to induce labor for my son in case his blood sugar crashed after birth. At birth, I wasn’t a nice, plump pregnant woman. I was wrong at full pregnancy four months ago. By six months, people were asking about my twins. At this point, I’ve outdone a German Shepherd by about 17 pounds (admittedly, it’s quite a bit too big). When they started to drip Pitocin, I tip the scales at about 220 pounds.

I gained a total of 100lbs during my pregnancy, with vomiting. And it’s okay to be big when you’re pregnant. People ignore it: You’re planting an excuse in your stomach. But once that baby comes out, it’s supposed to – what, the liposuction is done in the delivery room? I lost some weight when I gave birth to that nine-pound baby and all the things that came with it. But I was still great. And if I explained that I had gestational diabetes, people blinked at me. “Why didn’t you exercise more?” Sometimes they ask.

fat discrimination truly. Society sees women who have children as cute. Society sees women with children and double chins as not cute. Aside from the body positivity movement, most of society is still obsessed with “losing baby weight” and “losing pregnancy pounds” and women who are not or cannot be judged and slandered.

In the end, I dropped the weight. I must eat carefully, exercise and practice intermittent fasting to stay healthy as I age; Half of women with gestational diabetes Continue to develop type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes sucked. Between blood sugar checks, insulin, dietary restrictions, and massive hassles, I don’t want to live in a permanent state of it.

I do not want to live with the ruling behind it.

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