Apex Legends Mobile launches with an exclusive new hero

Apex Legends Mobile launches with an exclusive new hero

Apex Legends cell phone Its designers say it’s a completely separate game. This does not mean that it is a file Different Game.

Respawn Entertainment hopes gamers will find enough action familiarity on smaller Android and iOS screens, but Apex Legends Mobile Progress, seasons, inventory, or anything else will not be shared with the console version.

The studio already announced, in April, that there will be no cross-play between Apex LegendsMobile and console/computer kits. But in a preview of the show two weeks ago, Mike Huff, Senior Product Manager for Apex Legends Mobile, He emphasized that this version was specifically designed for devices with smaller screens, which if nothing else gives experienced gamers a chance to start fresh in Apex games.

“This means that we will have a different correction rhythm, different themes and events, and changes to the arrangement [play] And a myriad of new features,” Huff said.

Most importantly, console support on mobile devices is “a very important thing for us,” Hof said, but it’s not yet complete. Apex Legends Mobile Launched May 17th. “As we actively explore it, it is one [feature] Huff said. “We are continuing to develop against him, and players can expect to see him in the very near future. We were really hoping to get him there right away, but [we] They are not entirely happy with the level of polishing and testing we have managed to achieve.”

The biggest exclusive feature of Apex Legends Mobile Here’s what fans have been teasing since the game’s limited regional launch in early March: There’s a new Legend, Fade, and you’ll only play it in Apex Legends Mobile.

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Jordan Batz, director of game design, said Fade was specifically designed to be played on mobile devices. “We’ve taken the lessons we created from bringing PC Legends to mobile and used them to create a legend that aligns with what we see as the best parts of mobile gameplay,” Batz said.

Fade is a variation on Wraith, one of the game’s most popular legends since its launch in 2019 (also available in Apex Legends Mobile). “He’s a very aggressive kinetic fighter in a suit based on Wraith’s technology,” Batz said.

Fade’s passive, tactical, and ultimate skills tend toward fast-paced gameplay which Respawn thinks would fit in with the mobile version of their game. The Slipstream passive ability allows Fade to move more quickly for a brief period after he performs the slide. “It gives players a way to experience the advanced movement of climax Slide jumping, this is a basic skill that we generally want to teach cell phone players,” Patz said.

The tactical ability, called flashback, allows Fade to “reset himself back to a point a number of steps earlier in the confrontation,” Batz said. “This ability is created to give low-skilled players an emergency screwdriver to get out of bad situations, and to be more tolerant of risky play.” Patz said that highly skilled players will likely use flashback to devise ways to “deceive, confuse and even ambush enemies.”

The ultimate ability, the Chamber Chamber, said Batz, can be both an offensive and defensive tactic. Fade shoots a projectile, which explodes, and anyone within the blast radius is propelled into phase space, where they are unable to deal – or receive – damage. “This ability is designed to help guard against bad situations by allowing Fade to avoid third parties.” [PvP] scenarios, or to temporarily isolate one member, to separate the teams,” said Batz. Fade “can use it with his team to keep them out of danger for a moment.” Fade gains the movement speed bonus while being affected by the explosion of the bomb in space.

Apex Legends Mobile Players have nine other legends (out of a total of 21) from the game’s main roster to play at launch: Bangalore, Bloodhound, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Mirage, Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith. Newcastle, the latest legend to arrive with the season 13 launch on May 10, is not among them.

At the preview event, Respawn’s designers referred to Fade as a “mobile legend first” – with an implication that there will be others – which means the character may appear in a console and PC game later. “Gaming on our phones is a little different than playing on console or PC,” Hof said. “Having Mobile Legends is really important to us, because it allows us to create things that are unique to our players, and really highlights how they interact with the game which could be different.”

Batz said the new mobile versus HD selection allows Respawn to “surprise and delight the players coming into our game. If we’re constantly bringing in HD Legends, it becomes what we’re going to do next.” “We want to get players excited about the new content that is coming on the horizon, not any new content [existing] The thing we will choose to bring.”

Apex Legends Mobile It will have the standard Battle Royale mode, which includes teams of three and the number of players is up to 60; and Arenas, the smallest of the 3-on-3 tour-based games that were introduced one year ago with the ninth season in the main game. It will also include a mobile-exclusive 6v6 Team Deathmatch mode with two variants, Clash and Deathmatch, which determine where the fallen players will return. In Deathmatch, dead players appear at random points near their teammates. In Clash, they spawn at their home base.

Battle Royale can be played on the World’s Edge map; Arenas are playable in Thermal Station, Artillery, and Overflow. Team Deathmatch can be played on Thermal Station, Artillery, and Skull Town (destroyed in Season 5 of the main game), with Clash playable on Artillery, Overflow, and Market.

Apex Legends Mobile Season 1 begins Tuesday, May 17, for Android and iOS devices and is available through Google Play Markets and the iOS App Store.

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