Consumer Reports recommends the Toyota Sienna as the only minivan with superior fuel economy.

Consumer Reports recommends one pickup truck with superior fuel economy

If you are shopping for a new minibus with excellent fuel economy, head to the experts to find the best option. Consumer Reports is one of our most respected reviewers. In its list of the best minivans, three of the four models received their label “Recommended”. However, Consumer Reports only recommends one pickup truck that has superior fuel economy to its competitors, the 2022 Toyota Sienna.

Consumer Reports recommends three pickup trucks

Carnival 2022 Kia | Kia America

Only the best models in each vehicle category get a sticker “Recommended” From Consumer Reports. However, in such a small segment as the minivan, most of them are excellent options. From the top-rated Kia Carnival all the way to the third-place Honda Odyssey, each is a great pick. In addition, each minivan offers several engines and fuel mileage. There is only one option if you are in the market for a model with superior fuel economy.

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