This Is Us Series Summary: Everywhere But Crying - Plus, Rate It!

This Is Us Series Summary: Everywhere But Crying – Plus, Rate It!

So, how did the Pearson family story end?

silly! If you are watching this is us In the past six seasons, you already know the answer: The story of the Pearson family will never end! After all, as Kevin told us in Season 1, “I guess that’s probably the point of it all. No one’s dying. There’s no you, or I, or them… just us. And that magical, filthy, wild thing, Colored, which has no beginning, no end, is this here? I think we are.”

The NBC drama series finale is a quiet finale to the penultimate masterpiece, “The Train,” which saw the death of mother Rebecca Pearson. Together, the two parts act as a very fitting farewell to a show that has remained true to itself throughout its six seasons.

Without further ado, let’s review what’s going on in “we”. (And be sure to check out his post-mortem conversation with series creator Dan Fogelman, as well as a breakdown of the show’s last quick run.)

Hymn for the weekend | In a flashback, Rebecca is asleep on Saturday morning, and Jack is watching her. He noticed a scar under her eyebrow he hadn’t seen before; She says she’s had it since she was a child, and it tends to become more prominent when she’s exposed to some sunlight. She tells him sleepily how her father, when she was little, used to take her to the playground and push her on the swings.. One day, his watch accidentally called her face as she turned her head, leaving a wound that would become a scar. She hopes that being pushed into that hammock by her father “was my favorite thing in the whole world”, but she often found it hard to be around, because she would get caught up in the time they had to stop and go home. “I really wish I had spent more time appreciating it when it was all going on rather than worrying about when it was going to end,” she says calmly.

When you’re done reminiscing, they realize they have a very rare and totally commitment-free Sabbath ahead of them. “what should we do?” She wonders. “Nothing,” Jack says. She happily replied, “Nothing looks nice!”

Next, we’ve got a montage of Jack and Rebecca pushing the three primary school-aged kids on swings, followed by Randall and Beth with Tess and Annie in the swing, Kate and Toby with little Jack on the swings, and Rockstar Jack (aka Jack Damon, grown up) and Lucy pushing their daughter Hop in a hammock. Although we don’t know it at the time, this is the latest sneak peek of the Flash series forward into the future.

slow everything down | However, at breakfast, Jack and Rebecca’s joy on a free day is met by the indifference of Kevin and Randall. Kate comes up with the idea of ​​playing forsquare and drawing on the driveway with chalk, which they do for a while, but then the rain interferes with outside plans. Before the Pearsons moved inside to watch old family movies, Jack noticed Kate sitting on the front porch, staring wistfully at the storm. She says she wishes she could just slow down life, and he agrees.

Inside, Kaif lasts barely five minutes before he makes a loud screeching out of the room; Randall, too, doesn’t look good watching footage of the Big Three as little kids. Rebecca follows Kevin upstairs and reveals that Is that true Upset that he couldn’t make a draw on the president’s fitness test. (Side note: full transparency here—those four words still horrified my settled heart as a kid.) Rebecca pushes him to tell him that it’s okay if everything in life doesn’t come easy, and that big victories will be more special “when you have to work hard” Bigger for them.” Then, in a rare moment when Kevin wasn’t in pain, he told his mom she’s good at that kind of spirited talk. satisfy her.

Meanwhile, Jack checks in on Randall, who soon admits that his extracurricular event wasn’t canceled – and the whole reason the Pearson family ended up with a free day – but lied to get out of it because he was stopped for retaliation when fellow Mathletes called him “Fuzz,” mocking non-fiction poetry. located approximately on the upper lip. Jack realizes that Randall is punishing himself worse than he or Rebecca can, so instead he takes a different path and asks his son if he wants to learn how to shave.

In the end, Kevin joins. As the boys lather and carefully scrape their kids’ faces, Jack starts talking about how you want to be older in the first half of your life. But when you get older, all you want to do is slow things down. Randall and Kevin tell him he’s a weirdo. “One day you’ll get it,” Jack says. When they go downstairs, showing off their new manly cups, they join Kate in playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey. And then, at LAST FLASHBACK EVER, we go back to the moment the kids were kids, and Rebecca and Jack watched the game on the shelf in the toy store. Rebecca is amazed at the ethnic diversity of the children on the cover (“Maybe there’s another family like ours”), and pleads with them to buy it, because “When the world puts something so obvious before you, I won’t walk away from it.” He softens, but sighs that they won’t use him much. (Hey).

Resurrection Ertugrul series Season 6 Episode 18Centipede and fried Oreos | Presently, on the morning of Rebecca’s funeral, Randall wasn’t able to make up much of a note other than “My mom was magical. Mom was…” However, he assures Beth, he’ll be fine. She doesn’t believe him. “I think we need to put together a worst-case scenario,” she says, funny about a future in which he feels the need to buy an RV and/or travel to Puerto Rico to swim “with the ghost of Miguel’s grandfather.”

Randall laughs and assures her that he is appropriately sad, but looks forward to the “quiet next chapter”. Then I asked him a seemingly odd question about fried oreos, but we’ll come back to that in a bit.

Resurrection Ertugrul series Season 6 Episode 18

Outside Kevin’s home, Young Cousins ​​plays the Forsquare as Kate watches. Toby finds her and asks permission to cross the ex-husband’s bloodlines (does he do that every time they talk?), then says that Rebecca was/she was “extraordinarily proud of you”. Then he adds that he loves her, and although their marriage hasn’t gone far, he will do so again. Later, at church, we watch Nikki – very Nicky style – tell Kevin that the moment he appeared in his trailer was the moment he started to care about living again. “You really affected my life, boy,” he jokes.

Rebecca’s funeral takes place, and her three children are talking, although the way the episode is edited means we don’t hear what they have to say. Then, back at Kevin’s compound, Randall’s daughters found him sitting on the front steps of the cabin, wondering if he was okay. He’s been up all night writing his eulogy, he says, slightly dazed, “and I don’t remember a single thing I said.” What’s more, he realizes he’s worried about losing Rebecca all his life, “and now she’s gone.” In general, he adds, it seems pointless.

Resurrection Ertugrul series Season 6 Episode 18bright spot | Annie and Tess decide to give Deja some alone time with their father; Of course, she says the absolutely right thing. “That’s not useless, Dad. Hey, you’re going to be a grandfather, remember?” But that makes him remember the morning he and William left on their trip to Memphis in season one. We watch William say goodbye to Tess and Annie (they’re two kids here!), then ponder the hall outside the girls’ room. On how being grandparents is so ironic: You have “unconditional, easy, pure love” for someone with whom you probably won’t share their life for long. He wonders how much Randall’s girls will remember him after he’s gone. “A lot,” Randall says. (Side note: No, that’s not CGI at work in this footage; the scene was filmed years ago, was never used, and was eventually shown.) Also: Of all the tender moments in this episode, William and Randall’s speech was the response that It hit me hard.

On the steps of the balcony, Deja happily announces that her child has been born. “You will have a grandson,” she said, and asks if it would be okay if she and Malik named the child William. “Your grandson will be named after a man I’ve never met, but I know, because I know you,” she says. Very wise, this one! Randall, who has been crying steadily throughout the episode, now explodes with happiness and jumps to his feet to celebrate the imminent arrival of another man in his life of women. God, Sterling K. Brown is a gift.

What’s Next? | “You have a creepy glow about you,” Kevin told his brother when he and Kate joined him on the cabin steps later. That’s also true, but Randall isn’t giving up on the important Deja news. They wander about what they are going to do now; Kate says they will continue to do what Rebecca wanted them to do, and live a big life full of purpose. For example, it will open a lot of music schools for visually impaired children. Keif will focus on his nonprofit and “will come home more. I love my home. It took me a long time to get it.”

Randall? The Democratic National Committee wants him to appear at the Iowa State Fair (hence the earlier Oreos Fryer), which is a common precursor to the officially announced presidential run. If Beth was on board, “Yeah, for my mom, I might go,” he says. They did pretty great re-enactments of their Big Three songs – in the entire episode, it was the only thing that felt unreal to me – and then the guys reassured Kate that they wouldn’t get carried away, something that brings tears to Randall’s eyes again. It teases him how “people don’t like their bosses all crying and such,” but he’s cute.

Then they remember how Rebecca grabbed Randall’s hand just before she died, and wonder why that was…

“You don’t walk away” | Which brings us back to Rebecca’s midnight train to the afterlife. She and Jack were in bed in Cabose’s, and he noted that he “missed that little scar” on her forehead. She whispered that she was afraid, and reassured her that she did not need it. “Hey baby,” he says, “we did really well.” “You did it well.” She regrets that there was so much she wanted to do with their children. longer “will”.

As scenes from the post-funeral gathering show the three adults lovingly interacting with each other and with their children, Jack tells Rebecca promises that she’ll be around for whatever’s important. “I mean, it’s not like I want to be there for anything weird,” she quickly adjusts. “I don’t want to watch them shower or anything.” (Ha!) He smiles and says it won’t happen, “But you will be there.”

Here’s how it ends:

Rebecca | This is a good thing, isn’t it? We found each other at the bar that night.
Jack | Yeah, well, I mean…when the world puts something obvious in front of you, you don’t just walk away. are you ready?
Rebecca | I don’t want to leave them.
Jack | It was not. You will see.
Rebecca | I love you.
Jack | I like you.

Then they grabbed her hands–just as she held Randall’s–and that’s it.

Now it’s your turn. What do you think of the series finale? Rate it – and the season as a whole – via the polls below, then hit comments with allllll of your reactions!

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