British Columbia teen makes history as the first female skater inducted into the Canadian Hockey League |  CBC News

British Columbia teen makes history as the first female skater inducted into the Canadian Hockey League | CBC News

15-year-old Chloe Primerano made history as the first ever skater to be inducted into the Canadian Hockey League.

The defender, who hails from North Vancouver, is drafted to 268th overall in Round 13 of the 2022 Western Hockey League (WHL) Draft Predictions.

The WHL, along with the Ontario and Quebec Junior Leagues, make up the Canadian Hockey League – the highest level of junior hockey in the country.

While there have been entries by goalkeepers in the Canadian League, Primerano is the only female skater to be conscripted into a team.

“I was just shocked,” Primerano said, speaking on Friday. first edition.

The British-Colombian teen played last season with the Bernabéu Winter Club U-15 program, scoring two goals and 17 assists. She said she’s been on skates since she was three years old.

Now she says she’s thrilled to be an inspiration to young girls on rinks across Canada.

“It takes a lot of sacrifices to get up early, stay up late, and put in the extra effort, but it’s all worth it,” Primerano said.

Humble and hardworking

Barclay Barneta, general manager of the Vancouver Giants, said the team is happy to add the strong player to its roster.

“Chloe’s playing in the Canadian Under-15 League this season has made her totally deserving of that choice today,” Parneta said in a written statement.

Burnaby Winter hockey manager Richard Matvichuk said Primerano joined the club’s hockey academy two years ago after training at North Shore Winter club in her hometown.

Join Primerano in first edition, Matveychuk called her modest and hardworking, saying that such a historical choice could not have happened to a more deserving child.

Chloe Primerano says she’s been playing hockey since around the age of three, primarily for the love of the game. (Provided by Fiona Primerano)

“She comes with amazing leadership qualities,” he said. “Her work ethic and determination to improve every day not only make her better, but her teammates even better.”

The Burnaby Winter Club helped launch the careers of dozens of National Hockey League players, including winger Paul Carrea and goalkeeper Curtis Joseph.

Matveychuk dubbed the venue “the Little Hockey Factory”, where young players focus on the basics with the goal of playing in the major leagues.

It’s the big slams now for Primerano, and despite the enthusiasm that surrounded her as the first skater, she calms down and focuses on the road ahead, which she hopes will lead to a place on the Canadian Olympic team.

According to a press release from the Vancouver Giants, the first player to appear in a WHL game in a regular season was goalkeeper Shannon Zappados, who played for the Tri-City American in 2002.

Three female players have appeared in Quebec’s Junior League matches since the 1990s, all of them goalkeepers, including Yves Gascon, Charlene Labonte and Manon Ryome.

In 2021, goalkeeper Taya Currie was the first player to be inducted into the Ontario Hockey League, when Sarnia Sting selected her in Round 14.

first edition6:36The first female figure skater to be inducted into the Canadian Hockey League

A North Vancouver teen became the first female skater to be inducted into the Canadian Hockey League. We talk to Chloe Primerano about how she’s feeling after being picked up by the Vancouver Giants.

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