What do we know about covid so far?

What do we know about covid so far?

With all the thousands of studies bombarding the medical community, it pays to put our microscope aside and look at the bigger picture. The virus was almost certainly engineered in Wuhan with financial and technical assistance from that highly competent bureaucrat, Anthony Fauci. But that doesn’t tell us what to expect while the virus moves through the community. Therefore, we must look to science. And I don’t mean Fauci “I know”. I mean real scientific data, something Fauci doesn’t know much about.

Perhaps we should start with that great scientist, Oprah Winfrey, who recently thought that ending the mask mandate on airplanes was “premature.” As John Adams noted in the Boston Massacre Trial, “Facts are intractable things.” They are not “our” or “your” truth. Facts don’t care who you are or what you think. When we state facts, we provide an oral picture of reality. The truth is that wearing public masks has never been shown to have any public health benefit. The only time mask wear has any benefit is when health care workers in high-exposure environments wear N-95 or appropriate and appropriate respirators and dispose of them. Anything else is a sign of virtue that denies the fact that overt concealment (a) does not work and (b) has serious downsides.

The next great scientist is Bill Gates, who recently saw that we’re headed for another wave of COVID that’s potentially more transmissible (right) and more deadly (wrong). All of the COVID followed Mueller’s ratchet, becoming more contagious and less deadly. Even delta was less virulent than alpha, but Omicron showed that more mutations encourage virus survival by infecting more people without killing them. This is the natural course of viruses, but anyone with an interest in the profits of a vaccine or the strength of the lockdown simply cannot let this fact be known. This brings us to Saint Fauci.

The Supreme Lord of NIAID recently appeared to announce that we may need more shutdowns to prevent the spread of some new variants. The experience of the past two years was supposed to prove to everyone that lockdowns are bad. They kill people with other medical problems because of the care provided. Then New York Governor Cuomo also learned that 60 percent of New York City’s cases were caused directly by the lockdown. When people are stuck in recycled air with infected victims, they get sick, as the nursing home tragedy in Kirkland, Washington demonstrated. But tyrants can’t learn, and Cuomo has doubled the number of New York’s gravestones by sending COVID patients to assisted living facilities to kill others. All of this could have been avoided if our public “health” authorities had taken a few minutes to read the epidemiology literature. We knew lockdowns were bad long before COVID was invented.

The incumbent of the White House and President Kackler are our next scientists. Both live in a protective bubble and are immunized and reinforced. They periodically see that we might all need another ‘booster’. But Kamala’s reinfection proves that the booster medicine won’t work. In fact, we now know that Canada, Israel, Gibraltar, and other countries have increased rates of infection in vaccinated individuals. This appears to be true in the United States as well, but the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is reluctant to release data.

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The failure of this vaccine is partly due to direct parenteral immunosuppression. The Army explained to Senator Johnson’s committee that it not only prevents infection, but it also triples the rate of breast cancer, with higher complications for other cancers. But this great scholar, SecDef Lord Austin, commissioned all military personnel to obtain Fauci Ouchy. He is oblivious to the fact that many highly trained (translation: expensive) fighters such as Special Forces and Airmen are rendered unable to serve due to the mental and physical effects of the spike protein provided by the shots.

Another reason for the vaccine’s failure is that the virus has mutated into forms that have spike proteins markedly different from the alpha variant in the vaccine. In short, they are different diseases, just like the flu is actually a group of different diseases. Vaccines and boosters have no meaningful benefit against the current disease.

I could list a bunch of other “scientific” references who make false claims, but all they can do is get bored. In particular, we should look at anything from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the big drug companies with great suspicion, because it conflicts with most evidence. I’ll simply leave you with a set of points, all backed up by large amounts of scientific data.

  • COVID-19 is a mild illness with a near-zero mortality rate for people under 55 years of age.
  • Concomitant serious illness is the best predictor of mortality in all age groups.
  • Masking in public does not affect the transmission of airborne diseases, including COVID.
  • Vaccines do not protect you from contracting COVID or transmitting COVID. It does not reduce the risk of Covid disease when you catch it. This is a consequence because the newer variants were less severe initially. Vaccines and boosters are directed at a disease that no longer exists.
  • Vaccines lower your immunity, making you more likely to develop symptoms. This also makes it easier for many crabs to grow.
  • Natural immunity from recovering from illness is much better than any supposed benefit of the injection. If you get the vaccine and then get sick, your immunity after that is lower than if you didn’t get the vaccine at all.
  • Remdesivir (Fauci gets a $$ when used) does not improve survival and may cause other problems.
  • Molnuvirapir, the new oral agent, is not as effective as ivermectin, which the CDC refuses to support. If you get sick, get immediate treatment with ivermectin. If your illness is from a different virus, it will probably help prevent that as well.
  • Local areas that opened early generally have better disease and death rates than others.
  • The safest place is the open air, where the sun kills viruses and they spread endlessly.

I’m sure I left something out, but I’ll leave you with a few key items. First, don’t get the shot. It has no benefits and a bunch of bad effects that I don’t have room to talk about. Second, take vitamin D3 and zinc. It has been shown to reduce viral infections a lot. Third, get a stock of ivermectin. If you do get sick, start immediately on your way to your urgent care. And don’t stop taking it even if they say so. They can lose their licenses if they agree to take them.

Government authorities are lying to us. I know this is powerful, but it is the truth. The version of COVID that exists now is a simple disease that is largely preventable and treatable. This is a much better option than getting a killer bullet that a bunch of powerbrokers love. There will be many variants, but the last alternative is communism.

Ted Noel is a retired anaesthesiologist/intensive care specialist who podcasts and posts on social media like DoctorTed and vidzette. His podcasts are available on DoctorTed on many podcast channels.

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