Frank Langella announces that he is 'Cancelled' after the launch of Netflix

Frank Langella announces that he is ‘Cancelled’ after the launch of Netflix

Frank Angela

Frank Angela
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It’s been three weeks now since reports started circulating about veteran actor Frank Langella He was fired Produced by Netflix and Mike Flanagan for Usher house fallAfter investigating his behavior on the miniThe series that I found for Angela Demonstrated inappropriate behavior towards his co-stars. After Netflix announced it Gerald game‘s Bruce Greenwood He was brought in to fill the role of Roderick UsherEveryone involved in the production has been completely quiet about the incident – until today, when Angela wrote lengthy statement for Limit Where he claimed that his treatment by the operator was “unfair”, “not only”, “not American”, and that he was “cancelled”, a popular website The term here refers to your invitation to present your version of events in a guest column in a major business publication.

in he said In the guest column, Angela recounts her account of the events leading up to his expulsion, an account that does not actually come as a A hero moment for veteran actor Frank Langella seems to think it might be. Specifically, the Admittedly, Angela tells the parcel Presentation Coordinator’s intimate input of a love scene with fellow performerclaiming,It was a love scene on camera. In my opinion, legalizing laying on of hands is absurd. It undermines instinct and spontaneity.” During the said sequence (after Angela told the coordinator that their advice was “ridiculous”), Angela’s star accused him of touching her leg in a way that was not agreed upon in blocking the scene, and left the scene.

The position of intimacy coordinator is a somewhat new addition to the Hollywood ensemble, in its broader dimensions Adoption was stimulated by raising awareness of harassment and inappropriate behavior; The job covers a lot of bases, but at its core it usually boils down to ensuring that everyone involved in the sex scene are comfortable with everything that’s going on and that they, for example, aren’t touched in a way they didn’t agree to by a co-star who doesn’t realize that “instinct and spontaneity” hits their limits in the bodies of their co-workers.

In any case, Angela also notes that some of the other allegations against him include assertions that he “earlier said:A colorful joke,” in which he referred to the people in the group as “baby or honey” and that he would “give a hug or a touch [a] shoulder.” All this, according to Angela’s account, falls under the heading of preparation set an example by keeping the atmosphere nice and friendly,“Although it doesn’t look like they have done much to maintain the atmosphere singer all of that Light and friendly.

Angela speaks at length about how upset he was by this whole ordeal (“THis influence on me was incalculable.“etc.) But his column is mostly interesting from an outside perspective As much as it gives us a ground-level (if biased) look at how Netflix’s investigative process works. Which seems quite effective and to some extent, at least in this example. About a week after the incident, Angela was on the phone with Netflix HR, specifically asking him about his interactions with the intimacy coordinator.

Towards the end of our conversation, [the investigator] I suggest that I not contact the young lady, the intimacy coordinator, or anyone else in the company. “We don’t want to risk retaliation,” she said. When I mentioned it was definitely not my intention… she politely cut me off and said, “Intent is not our concern. Netflix deals only with impact.”

In the end, Angela wrote, “I have been dismissed. I didn’t get a hearing with Netflix. My request to meet face to face with the actress was refused. Directors and producers stopped answering emails and phone calls. Within 30 minutes of shooting, a message went out to highlight the crew and a full press release was sent out immediately. My representatives and I were not given any opportunity to comment or collaborate on the narration.” It appears that the last part of it now taken up; Angela certainly shapes the narrative, even if it’s not obvious that it’s being shaped as he intended.

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