Pete is seen holding Saint West's hand after Kim opened up about finding a stepfather for her kids and Kanye's kids

Pete is seen holding Saint West’s hand after Kim opened up about finding a stepfather for her kids and Kanye’s kids

It seems that the house came out of SNL And directly in the era of his stepfather.

After he recently said goodbye to his heavy demands Saturday Night Live schedule, Pete Davidson seems to be slowing things down and spending weekends bonding with Kim Kardashian’s kids.

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After nearly eight months of their relationship, it’s no surprise to see that Pete is close to the eldest of Kim’s four children, whom she shares with ex-husband, Kanye West.

And after first hanging out with 8-year-old North West in April, Pete took charge of babysitting again over the weekend, going out on a shopping trip with Saint West, Kim’s oldest of two sons.

On Saturday, 6-year-old Pete and Saint were seen walking side by side around a Los Angeles shopping plaza. In fan shots obtained by TMZ, the lovable pair appeared to be joined by Kourtney Kardashian’s youngest son, Rain Disick, as the trio ventured together toward the cheesecake factory.

With a lone security guard behind them, there seems to be no sign of Reign’s parents or Saint, the second time Pete has taken Kim and Kourtney’s kids for a solo walk after they were spotted riding an electric car with North and Penelope Disick a year earlier.

And while the West and Disick kids certainly seem happy to spend time with the comedian, there’s of course one family member who might not be too happy with the situation.

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If you can keep up with the messy divorce proceedings, you’ll know that Kanye West made no secret of his disdain for Pete while trying to revive things with Kim at the start of the year.

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Interestingly, last February, the rapper voiced concerns about the possibility of Kim’s new boyfriend being attached to his children, vowing in leaked text messages that Pete would “never be allowed” to meet them.

The series of texts, which Kanye posted and quickly deleted from Instagram, show Pete tried to reassure Yi, promising at the time that he would never meddle in the children’s lives.

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“I will never get it [in the] Your children’s way, “It seems that Pete’s letter is being read.”[That’s] a promise. how are you guys [go about] Raising your children [your business] And not me. “

With all this in mind, fans were intrigued to see Pete’s relationship with Western children develop over the course of his and Kim’s romance, which inevitably sparked a lot of speculation about Yi’s attitude toward the situation.

But, whatever Yi’s thoughts on the matter may be, Kim has already made it clear that she’s ready to move on — even opening up about her hopes of bringing her stepfather into her children’s lives during the latter part of last week. Kardashians.

In a scene that appeared to have been filmed sometime between December and January after Kim and Pitt publicly announced their relationship in the fall, Kim spoke to Kris Jenner about how Kourtney’s 12-year-old son, Mason Disick, was adjusting to his photo. Mom’s engagement to Travis Parker.

“I heard him say to North… ‘getting a stepfather’s not a bad thing,'” Kim recalls. “He was like, ‘You know, [stepdads] Aren’t these bad guys like you in the movies, it’s not.”

Reflecting on the sweet conversation between her nephew and her eldest daughter, Kim said that hearing Mason’s excitement and excitement gave her hope that her children would feel the same way about having a stepfather in their lives, too.

“The way he was talking gave me the feeling that everything would work out, everything would be fine,” Kim said.

Hearing how he gets along with Travis and his love of having someone else, I just think: ‘Okay, there’s hope. One day, I’ll have someone who can come and hang out with the kids,” she added in her confession, and proceeded to answer a phone call from Pete seconds later.

Well, with Kanye remaining silent on the subject amid reports that he is seeking “behavioral therapy”, we can probably assume that the rift between the parties has settled for now. However, it may be a while before we catch Pete and Kanye taking the kids to the mall together.

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