First Look at Matrix Star Jessica Henwick in The Gray Man

First Look at Matrix Star Jessica Henwick in The Gray Man

game of thrones And matrix 4Jessica Henwick appears in a new preview image from gray man.

It’s Netflix’s most expensive project to date, costing the streaming giant $200 million, but with it, Ryan Gosling, drinker Chris Evans and Ana de Armas spearheading the process, you know there’s going to be money well spent.

Join Lloyd Hansen (played by ex-Captain America) the mysterious Hinwick character below, as they survey something on a computer set:

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gray man Directors Joe and Anthony Russo previously revealed Hansen: “He’s a really unique character and that’s Evans as a villain, so it’s a really interesting character and I think he’s going to flex a little bit in that role.”

On the CCXP Worlds panel, Joe teased how this could be the start of a new franchise.

“This is being envisioned as a movie series, and again, we’ll probably branch out, we could follow other characters, but we’re not going to answer every question in the movie,” he said.

So you will finish the movie [and] You have a full story, but you still have questions about the wider universe. “

Paul AbelNetflix

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Evans signed himself with Empire Magazine Ahead of the spy movie premiere this summer.

“I love Roussos, and I’ll pretty much do anything they ask me to do. And this is a character I’ve never been able to play. He’s very liberating, free, and honest,” the actor said.

“What I love about him is that you should fear his smile more than his frown. I think he understands what he’s doing is bad and harmful, but I think he considers himself necessary. He thinks it’s messy.”

gray man It arrives in UK cinemas on July 15, before streaming on Netflix from July 22.

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