Saints Row - Everything you need to know about rebooting

Saints Row – Everything you need to know about rebooting

Illinois-based game developer Deep Silver Volition is returning to its most successful franchise, Saints Row, after the disappointing launch of the Agents of Mayhem sub-series.

Volition’s return to IP was announced nine years after Saints Row IV’s commercial debut by THQ Nordic in August 2019. However, the game will not be revealed as a reboot until two years later.

Release date, platforms and versions

Saints Row was scheduled to be released on February 25. However, Deep Silver Volition delayed the game by six months for “quality and polish” while also citing the impact of COVID-19 on development. The new release date is August 23, when the game will be released for PC (as a time-exclusive Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S | X.

Standard Edition is $59.99. The Gold Edition includes the main game, expansion card, and additional DLC packs such as Saints Criminal Customs (Saints Custom Convertible Jacket and Saints Custom Stab) and the Los Panteros American Muscle Pack (custom ‘Fury’ motorcycle and ‘El Lanzador’ heavy weapon skin) for $89.99. The Platinum Edition includes it all plus Saints Row: The Third Remastered for $99.99. All editions, if pre-ordered, award The Idols Anarchy Pack (Idols DJ Helmet, Twinkle Bat, Sandstorm Scrambler).

Toys and trailers

The announcement trailer dropped along with the reveal (and original launch date information) in August 2021.

The first extended look at the gameplay came two months later, in October 2021, courtesy of Game Informer.

Recently, we took an extended look at the breadth of customization options; More on that below.

Genre, setup and mechanics

The Saints Row reboot will retain most of the characteristics seen in previous installments, mainly the open-world approach, while the slightly wacky tone has been brought back. The game takes place in the fictional city of Santo Eliso, based on the environment of the American Southwest. According to Volition, the city will be the largest stadium ever in the franchise, comprising fifteen districts and surrounded by a vast desert.

At the start of Saints Row, Santo Eliso is controlled by three main factions:

  • Los Panteros, a classic gang focused on auto tuning and fitness, whose base is the weathered Rancho Providencia;
  • idols, famous anarchists and clubs, based in the affluent neighborhood of Monte Vista;
  • Marshall Industries, a private military company based in the skyscraper-strewn Lakeshore.

The player character, again simply called The Boss, is a former low-level member of the Marshall Industries who defects and assembles a new gang with the help of three main characters:

  • Nina, a former driver of the Los Panteros gang and also a skilled mechanic;
  • Kevin, former DJ and scheme to steal idols;
  • Eli, a self-described entrepreneur who holds an MBA and specializes in blue-collar crime before joining The Boss.

As expected, the gang’s goal is to take over the areas of Santo Eliso to build their criminal empire. For the first time in the Saints Row series, players will be able to choose where to build their criminal enterprise, and decisions will help shape the city in different ways.

There will be fifteen projects to choose from, including some returning fan favorites like Insurance Fraud, and others are due to be added after launch. Each project will provide unique rewards to The Boss. Saints Row also features some fairly typical Side Hustle activities, such as “Riding Shotgun” where The Boss tackles a tower on top of a moving car, or “Pony Express” where the goal is to drive around Santo Ileso to deliver a package within a set amount of time.

Driving has also been improved from previous entries with an emphasis on auto combat. Volition wants players to have the opportunity to use vehicles themselves as weapons rather than just carrying guns. Developers have already promised more than 80 motorized vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, VTOLs, bicycles, skateboards, and buggies. In addition, traveling in Santo Eliso will also be possible with a winged suit.

Of course, Saints Row also promises a vast arsenal of weapons ranging from melee baseball bats to rocket launchers and pistols. Melee fans can expect brutal takedowns, too.

Drop-in and drop-out co-op are back in this reboot, and they’ll be completely unrestricted until both players can roam freely around Santo Ileso. Cross-generational multiplayer is supported (between PS4 and PS5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X), but it doesn’t look like full cross-platform play will be available.

Personalization is the name of the game

It can be said that the branding feature of the game will be the incredibly detailed customization. It starts with The Boss, thanks to a deep character builder that allows you to modify the usual things (gender, hair, body, noses, eyes, mouth, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, glasses, piercings, scars and blemishes, face tattoos, makeup) and much more. There is asymmetric customization, for example, allowing players to change individual aspects of a character’s face; There is skin customization, which includes the entire color spectrum and even options like metallic, glossy, matte, and material changes. Last but not least, there are eight audio options in Saints Row (four males and four females).

The customization logo extends to the three main supporting characters that have adjustable outfits. Even recruits, allied NPCs that are not named, can be outfitted with special clothes and special rides.

The same, of course, applies to vehicles that The Boss can drive. There will be several paint options to customize the color, dirt, and age, not to mention trim paint, interior color, trim paint, window tints, and decals. Body customization options include bumpers, grills, hoods, mirrors, skirts, and spoilers; Then the tire size, width, profiles, tire types and axles.

It wouldn’t be a proper car customization system if it didn’t allow for engines, horns, and transmission options, but there are plenty of things, like nitrous, off-road kits, and towing cables. Each vehicle also has a unique challenge that unlocks signature potential once completed, such as ejector seats, ball and chain, knees, infinite boosters, air controls, and more.

Weapons in Saints Row offer similar options. Players can modify the color, surface, pattern, or sticker, but also the material the weapon is made of, and eventually just swap the skin for another weapon of the same class if they wish. Weapons also have their own challenges that unlock special abilities, such as the Pinata Gun firing for snakes.

Last but not least, Saints HQ can be completely renovated. Advancement in the story rewards decorative items while shooting collectibles around town allowing The Boss to place the item in HQ.

Saints Row system requirements on PC

This section has not been announced yet, it will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

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