How to enable and configure the gyroscope in Apex Legends Mobile - My Droll

How to enable and configure the gyroscope in Apex Legends Mobile – My Droll

Apex Legends Mobile is officially launched, and like other popular mobile shooters, it comes with gyroscope support. The function is disabled by default, but it doesn’t take much to get it working. Apex Legends Mobile also has some configuration options to adjust to your taste. We’ll review all of that and more.

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open the Settings. Go to sensitive and press gyroscope tab. change the gyroscope mode to While the correction To enable it when shooting only or always available to get it all the time.

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How does the gyroscope work in Apex Legends Mobile?

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The gyroscope function allows you to move your grid around the screen by moving your phone instead of swiping with your finger. It is useful for several reasons. It can make aiming a lot easier. For example, you can increase your sensitivity while using your finger so you can turn very quickly and then use the gyroscope for more accurate aiming because your sensitivity would be too high otherwise.

It does not affect your ability to move with your fingers. The left joystick still moves you forward, backward, and side to side. Swiping the right side still shifts the camera as you normally would. It just gives you the ability to operate the camera by rotating or rotating your phone. Think of it as a second, right-handed joystick.

During testing, we’ve found the best success with enabling the gyroscope with just aiming because it can mess with you during a fight when you’re not familiar with it.

How to enable and disable the gyroscope in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Menu 1 . Gyroscope

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It is a fairly simple matter to turn it on and off.

Activate the gyroscope

  • On the home screen, open Settings.
  • Once you get there, go to sensitive. Finally, tap gyroscope tab in the upper left corner.
  • The first option should let you enable the feature.
  • You have two options. You can enable While the correction It only enables it while aiming. Instead, always available Lets you enable it all the time.

Disable the gyroscope

  • Repeat the above steps, except for selecting a file on The option is in the gyroscope settings.

In our opinion, its sensitivity is a little higher than the Gateway, so next we’ll show you how to configure it.

How to configure the gyroscope in Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Menu Gryroscope 3

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There are a few different settings you can try here. Go to the gyroscope settings using the steps above, and we’ll go through what each option does.

  • reverse horizontal control – Flips the movement on the x-axis. Tilting the camera to the left will move the camera to the right, and vice versa.
  • reverse vertical control Like the horizontal position, but flips the y-axis instead of the x-axis.
  • universal gyroscope sensitivity – This is the baseline sensitivity setting. The higher the number, the more camera movement you encounter with a smaller tilt.
  • Gyroscope Vertical Sensitivity – This is the same as the total sensitivity, but it only affects the y-axis (up and down).
  • Associated sensitivity adjustment Each sensitivity setting below this setting has two separate settings, one for shooting and one for shooting. The associated sensitivity adjustment ties the two together, so setting one stat also adjusts the other simultaneously.
  • FPP without ads – Adjusts sensitivity in first person mode when not aiming down.
  • TPP without ads – Adjusts sensitivity in third person mode when not aiming down.
  • 1x-10x Visual Advertisements – To save some space here are ADS mods for 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x and they are all separate from each other. Each one adjusts the sensitivity of the gyroscope when shooting scenes with special weapons at this zoom.

For the most part, these settings are personal. Some people may do better with a higher sensitivity, while others may need something less sensitive. The game defaults to higher sensitivity at lower zoom and lower sensitivity at higher zoom. This is not a bad way to go because you want more fine-tuning ability with a sniper than with an SMG.

We also recommend using the shooting range mode to test any adjustments you make before loading into a real game. We are a fan of shooting range mode.

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What are the best settings for a gyroscope?

This is a difficult question to answer because every player is different. In general, you’ll need a higher sensitivity for low-zoom weapons to be able to move around and hit bigger, faster-moving opponents. You will need less sensitivity at sniper distance because your target is smaller and moves at a slower speed. This seems to be what most people do.

You can practice and test your settings in firing range mode to fine-tune your setting without sacrificing your personal stats.

Why is my gyroscope not working properly?

There are a variety of reasons why this happens. It might be a bug that should be fixed in a future update. It appears to be a known issue with some devices, and a small group of people here have a list of devices they are having problems with.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from doing the usual troubleshooting. Try restarting the game, restarting your device, or uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Also, be sure to follow the steps above and turn on the gyroscope.

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