GameStop's overworked staff come out and ask players to shop elsewhere

GameStop’s overworked staff come out and ask players to shop elsewhere

A sign outside the GameStop explains why workers are withdrawing.

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The Jim Stop The Gateway Mall in Lincoln, Nebraska is one of the busiest areas, at least according to the person who ran it. But over the weekend, it was closed after four employees decided to move out and never return due to what he says were poor working conditions and a verbally abusive area manager. It’s the second time this year that GameStop in the region has seen all of its employees resign in protest.

It’s no longer uncommon to go to GameStop and see a sign that says the store is temporarily closed during staff lunches or bathroom breaks. Overpowered and underpoweredSometimes there is only one person working in the entire store, leaving them with no other choice. On Sunday, the temporary sign outside the Gateway Mall GameStop said something different.

Piece of Paper “We are sorry to inform you that we have all quit” taped to the front door Read, a photo of which was shared on the Lincoln subreddit later that day. continue:

Our area manager does not respect us as employees or as human beings. Our area manager told us that this store was supposed to be achieving sales quotas and running perfectly since 6 months ago. Which was 3 months before many of us set out. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the cast, we are not God.

The newspaper then listed nearby competitors, including a place called EntertainMart located elsewhere in the mall, and asked potential customers to shop there instead. Spend your money in an organization that respects its employees [sic]. “

When Kotaku Called the store on Monday, someone replied that it would open again soon and instructed us to contact telecoms firm Longacre Square Partners, which specializes in topics such as investor relations, shareholder activism and crisis management. A company representative declined to provide an official comment on the situation over the phone. They declined to comment in writing as well, and requested that Longacre’s name not be mentioned in the story.

“For my health, I had to leave,” said Frank Maurer, manager of the recently upgraded store. Kotaku In a phone interview. The stress and anxiety was so bad that he had trouble sleeping and didn’t enjoy games anymore. He said he only started working there in late 2021, and while it was fun at first, it quickly turned into a nightmare between a lack of resources and strict management quotas. To get around that, Maurer said he was being paid $17 an hour, just $2 more than the entry rate at the near-target, while those below him were making only $9, the Nebraska minimum wage.

He also claimed that he was not properly trained by the company for any of the new responsibilities he was assigned as a manager, and was not given the resources and time to train others in the store. He once said that he had to work more than two consecutive weeks without days off just to keep the store running.

“When I asked for support, I was met with silence,” Maurer said.

Then there was the area manager, who accused him of routinely threatening and defaming employees for their “failure” to achieve impossible goals. “He was verbally abusive,” Maurer said. “He was constantly threatening people’s jobs.” Employees will be told they can easily be replaced by other college kids, part of the constant “crowding and burning” mentality that Maurer said is part of why the store struggles to meet its unrealistic quotas. “All he sees are numbers on a computer.”

The chart shows the meteoric rise of GameStop stock over the past two years.

GameStop raised $1 billion in sales of its meme stock, but never passed it on to its frontline workers.
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A similar exit sign posted on Lincoln, another Nebraska GameStop earlier this year, also blamed the district manager for the mass resignation. “There have already been four strikes since August 2021 because of him,” a former Facebook employee wrote. “Two in each location. The early adopters remained very calm though.”

When asked about the potential for unionization amid huge labor payments at Starbucks, Amazon and Apple, as well as recent efforts in the larger game industry, Maurer said he doesn’t see that happening at all. Like every current and former GameStop employee I’ve spoken with in the past year, he feels employee turnover is extremely high and management is ruthless for anything like that.

While it’s always been a tough retail job built on exploiting employees’ passion for gaming, there is a growing sense that turnover and burnout are worse than ever at GameStop, even with the company’s new masters. Promotes a hub for cryptocurrency. Last November, the staff said Kotaku they were pushed to breaking point During the peak of the holiday, every day posts about it pit spirits And the people quit smoking Spamming the GameStop subreddit.

Another employee who recently left the company said, “I left because they pushed my old manager out and the new one was brought in by the area manager from South Dakota, it was really bad.” Kotaku in Facebook. “He was stupid for the customers and the staff, when he was hired he quickly left all the staff except me, I stayed around until it turned out he wanted to get rid of me too. I’m frankly amazed that more GameStop’s weren’t affected by the staff.”

Many are tired of having to pester customers about memberships and warranties like used car sales reps, and are always told that it’s never enough, all while random strangers gloat online about Meme’s success defies the market.

“It became disheartening,” Maurer said. “[Employees] I hate investors. They are angry at people who put money into this company without any regard for how it treats its employees.”

So he decided to resign. Maurer said that when the other three employees in the store heard it was over, they all decided to leave, too. He was going to leave earlier but he was afraid to leave. “I didn’t want all my passion and effort to go to waste,” he said. But despite the time wasted, it still eventually felt “crunchy like a wet paper towel.”

“This company inspires managers to be terrible to their workers.”

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