Strange New Worlds is the Star Trek Show I, a non-recurring fan, waiting for it

Strange New Worlds is the Star Trek Show I, a non-recurring fan, waiting for it

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It feels weird to be excited about a show that I’m not technically interested in. Or at least I shouldn’t. Star Trek It’s a privilege I’ve not particularly done before, and what I know about it has been gained mainly through osmosis during my 20 years of covering nerd news. It was just enough to make me think of jumping a trip when Discovery His new era began, and again when Patrick Stewart returned as Picard PiccardBut they both felt they needed years of knowledge that I didn’t have.

But the latest series, Strange new worldsIt made me more interested in him Star Trek Than you… ever?

I’m sure part of the show’s appeal to me is its clear and succinct premise – it follows a crew project During her “five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, search for new life and new civilizations, and boldly go where no one has gone before.” fact that SNW Features the same mission, the same ship, and some of the same characters as the original 60’s Star Trek The TV series certainly has some oomph. But after watching the first two episodes, I can tell what happened Strange new worlds One of the highlights of my week: IIt is very easy to watch, understand and enjoy.

This is no small feat for a show in a major franchise with a dedicated fan base like Star Trek. Much like all of the Marvel TV series and movies are tied together into one inextricable saga, the latest a trip Shows like Discovery And Piccard They built existing parts of the franchise, and used them as bearing pillars to support their stories. although Strange new worlds Having connections to the broader franchise, they are superfluous. For example, I know that (through this osmosis) Strange new worlds It is a direct continuation of the adventures of Captain Pike (Anson Mount) after he played the title role Discoverythe second season. Obviously I know that SNW Serves as a prequel to the original 1960s series, given that Pike was the first captain in project, was seen on the show’s first pilot before being replaced by Captain Kirk. that and SNW Stars smaller versions of the original series Spock (Ethan Peck) and Uhura (Celia Rose Gooding). But I don’t need to know any of that to understand and enjoy the series.

As far as I can tell, the only major development happening SNW Which of the two series is that in Discoverythe second season, Pike learned he was destined to fall into a radiation leak that would leave him disfigured, unable to communicate and almost completely confined to a life support chair, a future seen in the original episode of “The Menagerie, Part One”. But Strange new worlds He explains this quickly, succinctly and completely without becoming indebted to any other part of a trip Franchise business. I haven’t seen either of them Discovery nor that Terms of Service Episode and SNW He gave me everything I needed to know in the first few minutes of the pilot episode. I’m sure there are a lot of Easter eggs a trip fans throughout the series. For example, Spock’s fiancée T’Pring (Gia Sandu) appears briefly in one of the scenes. But the scene does not depend on knowing which meeting she and Spock will have in the future. It might help, or give things an extra layer of meaning, but it wasn’t necessary.

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To say this is refreshing is an understatement, but Strange new worlds It takes its simplicity even further. As show director Henry Alonso Myers promised, Width is accidental, meaning that each episode tells a stand-alone story rather than a chapter of an ongoing narrative that continues throughout the season. In other words, Strange new worlds Follows the classic form of original series And next generation vs Discovery And Piccard. In each of the SNWEpisodes 1 and 2 encountered one sci-fi dilemma, solved it, and moved on. A complete adventure – a complete short story – told in 50 minutes.

The result is that view SNW It’s easy to watch in a way that most of the geek franchise series don’t have. what was the last star Wars Anything you read was not based on your knowledge of it the least The original trilogy is in some fashion, or a surprise character appeared from the comics or animated series? What’s the last Marvel product you’ve used that didn’t require you to watch other movies or TV shows, or read some comics, that made perfect sense? There is nothing wrong with that, and these long narratives can be very satisfying when told. But there’s also just something so satisfying about sitting down to watch TV for an hour and getting a full story—beginning, middle, and end—as it goes.

Like any fan of classics a trip TV series know that these short stories shouldn’t inhibit character development, and Strange new worlds no. The pilot nicknamed himself He sees Baek grappling with how he must spend his present when he learns of his terrible future, while This week’s episode“Children of the Comet” focuses on new student Nyota Uhura as she realizes that Starfleet’s arbitrarily chosen career may offer her more than an escape from her tragic past. I look forward to seeing what Strange new worlds It carries other largely unexplored classic characters such as Number One (Rebecca Romjin) and Nurse Chapel (Jess Bush), in addition to its newer characters.

Honestly, I’m just looking forward to new episodes of the show, and actually seeing them explore Universe Star Trek Instead of stepping back over the ancient earth – even if it was he is Set in some of the oldest land a trip He has to display. I don’t know if the offer will be enough for me to consider myself a trip A fan, but even though only two episodes aired on Paramount+, I totally like him Strange new worlds.

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