Formula One drivers warn 'the race will be bad' at Miami Grand Prix - The Race

Formula One drivers warn ‘the race will be bad’ at Miami Grand Prix – The Race

‘The race is going to be bad’ at the inaugural Formula 1 Grand Prix, drivers have warned after the first day of action on the track at the Miami International Auto Circuit.

Rolls and bumps were plentiful during the opening two practice sessions with Valtteri Bottas crashing his Alfa Romeo in FP1 and Carlos Sainz suffering another crash in his second year with Ferrari.

There is little control off the race line at the newly re-emerged Miami GP circuit, leading to warnings that Sunday’s pass chances could be slim.

Red Bull’s Sergio Perez, who has spun twice in FP2, has lamented the amount of offline grip and believes that will limit the quality of the race.

“It’s really disappointing that there is no off-line grip, it’s going to be a bad race because of that,” Perez said after FP2.

“Once you are offline, there is no grip, it’s over. It’s wet sometimes on that side and sometimes off the line, it feels very grit so the race is going to be tough.”

Norris described the track as “very difficult” and echoed Perez’s anger at the lack of an off-line grip, which would limit passing places.

“It’s very bumpy in places, which we weren’t expecting,” Norris said.

“I think everyone expected it to be very smooth and beautiful. But it is not.

“The surface is so hard, you can go off the internet anywhere and pretty much the game ends, you spin, you end up in a wall. It’s punishing. That’s why I’ve seen so many people end up in barricades.

“If I get out of line, it’s going to be horrible. I hope they can do something a little better. I don’t know what.”

“When they cleaned up the track it came in handy, like this morning there were a lot of marbles and stuff and as soon as I went offline it was game over.

“In FP2 it started better but then once there were a few balls it was terrible. It wouldn’t be great for racing.

“It’s like one line you have to stick to and that’s it. It’s limiting, you can’t make a lot of difference compared to other people, so it limits you a little bit.”

“You think people in this day and age should be able to make a relatively easy flat road,” said seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, referring to “big, big, big bumps in a lot of places” on the track.

“I don’t know if they’ll be able to grind that down at night and improve it,” Hamilton said of the bumps.

“Otherwise the track is too nice to drive – except for the motorway. This might be… I don’t want to actually put that quote there, so I’m going to stick with that… but it’s very narrow.”

“It reminds me that I was in the B&Q parking lot when I was 6 in a go-kart switching between cars.

“It’s an angle that maybe in the future they can remove that and that will improve the track.”

Ahead of the weekend, AlphaTauri’s Yuki Tsunoda described the final section of the track – which includes the Chikany hated Hamilton – as the “Formula E sector”.

Championship captain Charles Leclerc described the track as “challenging” and “really good to drive”.

“Asphalt will dazzle things,” Leclerc predicted. “There is very high grip on the race line and very low grip, which makes it difficult to overtake. They are also fairly aggressive on the tires, so it will be important to manage them well throughout the race.”

Not every driver was pessimistic about the chances of a good race, but Alfa Romeo’s Bottas, who crashed in FP1, believes the long tracks of the track will provide plenty of overtaking opportunities.

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“The track is good, it’s tough, the twisting part around the back is probably the hardest part to get right,” Bottas said after FP2.

“The development of the track has been phenomenal today, so I think I have quite a bit of catching up tomorrow to see how gripping it is now.

“It’s not an easy track, for sure, and for me, definitively when the track is green it can happen more easily, as once you veer a little bit off the line you lose the back end and you can’t catch it anymore.

“And this technical section from Turn 12 to Turn 15 is not really easy to get it right. I think they did a good job in terms of overtaking opportunities, we will see good races here with the long straights, where you start at a slow speed corner, which means you can get close to it, so that’s good. “

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