Elvis Presley's long-lost jewelry goes up for auction

Elvis Presley’s long-lost jewelry goes up for auction

written by Megan Sea Hills

From sparkly suits to diamond-encrusted rings, Elvis Presley loved all things sparkly — as do his souvenir collectors. But much of the jewelry that the singer famously gave to his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, was long considered lost.
Now, decades after the items were last seen, a California auction house has tracked down dozens of gems before they were massively sold.

Attractive gifts given to Parker include the 18-karat gold Corum watch, which has a 130-year-old $20 coin on the dial, as well as a pair of Presley custom cufflinks that have “Rock and Roll” written on their undersides.

Also featured in the auction were items designed by Presley specifically for Parker, who is often credited with making him a star. They include a pair of diamond and sapphire snowman cufflinks, which the singer purchased for his manager to celebrate the success of the “Aloha From Hawaii” satellite broadcast that made history in 1973. (According to the auction catalog, Parker dubbed the “Snowman” and the snowmen were filmed Bejeweled people smoking cigars.)

A pair of jeweled cufflinks custom made for Colonel Tom Parker by Elvis Presley. attributed to him: Kruse GWS Auctions

Brigitte Cross, founder and CEO of Kruse GWS Auctions, said she’s spent nearly 10 years trying to get Parker’s personal kit and bring it to market.

“I was told (in 2014) by a major collector and someone who has been in business for 30 years that ‘the most important Elvis jewelry collection ever made and available,'” she told CNN by email.

After years of searching for the “missing” collection, Cruz said he learned of a financial dispute that kept items out of the public eye for nearly five decades. Eventually, an auction house customer negotiated the price of the items and purchased them, she said.

pair of gold

A pair of gold “rock ‘n’ roll” cufflinks the singer gifted to his longtime boss. attributed to him: Kruse GWS Auctions

She added, “It was…a group we’ve all heard about.” “It was truly a legend and a legend until we got our hands on it.”

The jewelry in the auction arena will join several other Elvis-related memorabilia from Parker’s collection, including items that mark the singer’s return to residency at the Las Vegas Hilton. Among them are a Baume & Mercier watch, which the hotel gave to Parker, and a jeweled ring given to him by its owner, Barron Hilton,

The auction house also acquired other jewelry items that once belonged to Presley, such as the ring marked “TCB” (or “Care of Business”), the name of the band that supports him.

Priscilla Presley, who had a hand in designing some of the jewelry, helped the auction house organize the sale. Several items are sold along with letters from the star’s ex-wife, in which she shares insights into the history of things.

Priscilla Presley looks at a selection of jewelry offered at auction.

Priscilla Presley looks at a selection of jewelry offered at auction. attributed to him: Aude Guiruchi/Reuters

Priscilla, who divorced Presley in 1973 but remains a close friend, told Reuters that working on the sale “brings back memories.” She hoped her participation in the auction would help combat the sale of fake Elvis memorabilia, adding, “I want to know for sure that this will go to someone who will take care of it, I love it.”

The auction, which concludes later this month, also features a champagne glass and tray from the couple’s wedding, a Presley “Speedway” jumpsuit and the last limousine the singer has ever purchased.

“Elvis deservedly found and exhibited this collection in order to preserve his legacy,” Cruz said in a press release. “Fans also needed to know about this set 50 years later, and all the stories associated with each piece.”

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