I feel good about not trusting hurricanes again

I feel good about not trusting hurricanes again

Kans' Sebastian Aho breaks off the ice after losing 6-2 in Game Seven of the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs against Rangers.

stick Sebastian Aho is off the ice after losing 6-2 in Game Seven of the 2022 Stanley Cup playoffs against Rangers.
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The problem with increasing the degree of difficulty in the cut-off is that no matter how good you are, you will eventually push yourself off the cliff. The NHL playoffs are tough enough as they are without trying to cycle through them like it’s a small bet. The Hurricanes didn’t bother to win a road match in the first two rounds, believing they could turn the table with their ice advantage on their home ground. But hockey is too weird and stupid to think that something will continue to happen because it happened in the past. The Rangers are proof of that, given how strange and stupid these are, And they dance until the Eastern Conference Finals even though they suck up the eggs equally.

But that’s what stick do all season. They have one of the strongest rosters ever created in the NHL, with a front desk that actually listens to their analytics buddies instead of locking them up in a locker and dodging them just to make sure their names are spelled correctly on the site. They find undervalued players, play the system at a high pace, and try to fill in the bottom of the list with more players who are fast and can play with some skill. In a sense, they do everything right.

But elsewhere, they still couldn’t bring it together, and this provides sharpness to either end of the ice. They lack real first-line scorers outside of Sebastian Aho, with the thought that if they packed the attackers with only the second and third lines, their depth would hold the day. However, when facing a world-class goalkeeper, Igor Shesterkin, this time around, it became clear that the Canes had no one to pull something out of nothing.

And Canes’ biggest drawback is that they refused to invest heavily in the network, also. In today’s NHL, you need everything, as Lightning seems intent on proving to people who won’t pay attention. Carolina thought she topped it all last summer by avoiding both goalkeepers from last year, including sending off impressive rookie Alex Nedeljekovic, and trying to make economy with Freddy Andersen and Ante Ranta.

And sure enough, Andersen was never a good fit in these qualifiers, leaving everything on Ranta. But if the Canes find themselves pining for what Andersen might do in the playoffs, they will be the first team in history to do so.

So when the autopsy is done on this Carolina team, the big question would be “wWhy couldn’t they win the road game? “ Well, this is a different answer in each thread. In the first round, they couldn’t take Jordan Stahl against Patrice Bergeron in Boston, and Bergeron’s streak was runaway. It happens, like a burgerOn the line with Brad Marchand and David Pasternak, they’ve been kicking opponents balls for years.

Against the Rangers, the Canes didn’t make many mistakes, pretty much they doSend Rangers in all seven matches with equal power. In just two games, the Canes didn’t have the majority of expected attempts or goals in the series at 5-on-5, and those were the first two games they won anyway.

The only crack the crutches showed was him being dumb, constantly heading into the penalty area against a game of strength they couldn’t stop. Canes was the most sanctioned team in the league, but they didn’t think much of that because they also had the league’s best penalty kicks in the regular season. But that only applies to a team like the Rangers, who are in some ways the complete opposite of the Canes. It’s just the sharp ends. They have one big scoring streak, probably the best goalkeeper in the league, and nothing in the middle.

So, Chris Kreider and Mika Zipanjad give space in the power game against your mediocre goalkeeper, when you can’t hope to match special teams’ productions thanks to for you Anemia game and the other network’s MVP was the exact recipe to dump on their ass. Where the sticks find themselves.

It’s an excellent fourth season that the Canes will lead, having not won a match after the second round in any of them. As always, they continued to pay attention in the post-season with a goalkeeper who couldn’t save much and no striker who could reach the fire to restore their hopes. It doesn’t matter how much road work you do if you can’t land or block a punch, Canes keep finding that out and they seem determined to ignore it.

As for the Rangers, he’s unlikely to catch a glimpse of a backup goalkeeper or worse in the next round, in fact they’ll get one with two rings blocking his ears. They will see a group of scorers. We’ll see if they can infect and play their way through this test, which will likely end up in a killing ritual.

Jesus Sanchez just killed a baseball game

Let’s finish when Jesus Sanchez hits a ball to Mars.

Four hundred and ninety-six Introduced, and while there’s a reason to be somewhat ignored because it’s at Coors Field, this is still a totally broken baseball game. It’s usually only on The Show when you’re loading up and catching a pitch like this, and when you do, it’s the thing that gets you straight out of your gaming chair. You know it’s bad even when the photographer is surprised that he has to follow the ball, not conditioned to move to the third set.

At least someone got a new baseball.

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