Paul Coffey in Avalanche's Cale Makar: "I Can't Teach" What He's Doing Now

Paul Coffey in Avalanche’s Cale Makar: “I Can’t Teach” What He’s Doing Now

Cal’s play earned him audiences around the world. At least one happens to be a great defensive man in the NHL.

“He just seems to be enjoying being outside,” said Paul Covey. the athlete Friday, a reversal of the previous night’s dominant Match 2 headquarters. “There is no evidence for him.”

Kofi won four Stanley Cups and three Norris Awards during a 21-year career in the National Hockey League, seven of which were with Edmonton. He’s currently in Los Angeles watching the Oilers playoff series against the Kings, and he’s been spending a lot of time in the past few days watching a hockey game, including Colorado’s 2-1 overtime win over Nashville on Thursday. As everyone else would have been, he exited the game once again impressing Makar, who scored the winning goal in overtime.

Watching the 23-year-old defenseman, Kofi sees someone who is not afraid to take what the defense gives him. Kofi said that’s what players do all the time, whether it’s Joe Sakic, Sidney Crosby or Mario Lemieux.

“They have a split second to figure things out,” Covey said. “You can encourage (the feel of hockey), but you can’t teach it. The exciting part is that the best (for Makar) is yet to come.”

McCar finished game two with 12 shots, an ascending record for the franchise in avalanche, and Colorado had 42 shooting attempts in five against five with him on the ice, compared to just 15 for Nashville, per Natural Stat Trick. Avalanche coach Jared Bednar compared his young defender to Kofi on Friday morning, rave about his ability to skate.

“Just an elite skater, able to play as a fourth striker and still be able to come back easily,” the coach said.

This is not the first time that Kofi’s name has been brought up in connection with Makar. the athlete Talk to Kofi about the comparison earlier this year. With McCar’s show reaching the cut-off stage, Kofi offered some new insights on Friday about what he’s seeing — as well as about other players from the avalanche.

(Note: Some answers have been edited for clarity and length.)

What is your view of Makar’s play in the second game?

We’ve talked before about my thoughts on Cale Makar and how special and how special he is. He’s just a little kid. Believe it or not, as crazy as it sounds, I thought his goal (Thursday) was average. I say that with respect because he’s done so many great things before that. His vision is as good as anyone I’ve seen. His first two steps on the opposing blue line and away from the guys, I’ve never seen anything like it.

There are points in the game when it looks like he can get anywhere he wants on the ice.

It would be interesting to sit there with the coaches and see how they play their strength. I don’t think there is much structure. I think Number 8 will make it up as he goes, which is cool. You don’t rule out Nathan McKinnon and the other people with him, but he drives that bus, which all good back-end defensemen do. He has some good talent around him, which is good because of his intelligence. They can think the same thing.

What was he doing to allow him to get so many shots against predators?

Well, he shoots. She played with two of the best players: No. 99 (Wayne Gretzky) and No. 66 (Mario Lemieux). It’s scary when these guys are on the ice or MacKinnon is on the ice or Gabriel Landeskog is on the ice or my pacemaker is on the ice. You think you have to have it all the time. And the only thing about Makar is, yes, he is very selfless, yes he moves the disc, but he is not afraid to shoot. When you’re a defensive guy who isn’t afraid to shoot the disc, it’s hard to defend against. Lots of defensemen get a chance to shoot the disc, but more often than not they pass to the side. He is a complete player. It’s not the guy who shoots first, but if there’s a lane, he’ll shoot. Love her.

And it helps when his shot is really good.

Yes, I looked at his wand and it had a cute little bow in it. Takes a good shot. He was trying to outpace the two of them, and the winner was low. He wasn’t picking up an angle; He was just trying to get over it. Good things happen when you put the disk on the network. interval.

Cal Makar after the match winner. (Ron Chinoy/USA Today)

I’ve been in games where he’s playing a goalkeeper like Conor Ingram, and nothing seems to get him past him. What is the method to be followed in such a situation?

Just keep getting shots on the net. Even if Nashville shrieked last night and took a break in overtime, it still wouldn’t rule out how great Colorado was doing. You start to take more than 40 shots at the goalkeeper, you win if the other team only gets 20, 25 shots. That was a great match for this team because they didn’t get discouraged. To me, Colorado always plays the same brand that keeps coming, just keep coming. If you do, you will gain more than you lose.

I know you’re familiar with former Oilers assistant Dave Manson, father of Avalanche defenseman Josh Manson. What do you think about the trade to get Josh to Colorado on the deadline?

Everyone wants a strong, steady, strong man who can play. This is Josh. He knows his limits. He knows what he’s supposed to do there. This is the key to building a great team. Nice compliment.

What are your impressions of Devon Toews?

I saw him play live once in Colorado and once in Edmonton. It’s a good supplement, but you can’t say it puts makar or makar makes it (what is). This guy is a good player. A real good player. There is no such thing as doing the little things as a defensive man because those are big things. It is nice and firm.

Back to headquarters: He take more responsibility for the death penalty this year. What do you think of the two light opportunities he created last night?

why not? Making shots, this is not playing defense. This is hockey. This does what it does best.

You can’t teach what he brings to the game.

(Top image: Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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