Best Reactions to Netflix's "Graduation Year" on Twitter

Best Reactions to Netflix’s “Graduation Year” on Twitter

You don’t want to miss this girl’s first year.

latest comedy movie on netflix, Graduation Yearsounds like a tribute to all the high school rom-coms who were so creative that even today’s pop stars keep referring to them in their music videos.

Graduation Year Rebel Wilson sees a teenager in the body of a 37-year-old woman who returns to high school after being in a coma for 20 years.


She tries to regain her past glory, and on the way, she destroys many high school movie cliches while also feeding some. When you engage in teenage hoaxes, you realize how hollow and pretentious many people associate with popularity in high school.

The movie is a dirty comedy that provides plenty of laughs. Let’s see what the internet says about the movie.


An amazing entertaining watch that is not only funny but also touches on some sensitive issues.

I just watched Senior Year on Netflix and I will say I really loved it. I was worried it would be like a teenage drama show. But it has cured a lot of things and made me cry more than I want to admit. Give her an hour! #Snap#Netflix

Twitter: @ottolymirands


The movie is downright funny.

#SraduateYear is so funny! Watching hottie Justin Hartley thirst after anyone is incredible and Rebel Wilson is still comedy gold.

Twitter: @jessicamoment


Nice to see Angourie Rice play a funny role after her serious role in East Town mare.

Netflix / Via Twitter: ScarletSpeeds16


The music and songs evoked a strong nostalgia in viewers.

The music from Senior Year was pure nostalgia. I laughed out loud a lot. I miss these kinds of movies. Just a little silly, funny and carefree #elderly

Twitter: @slounsy


Rebel Wilson was an absolute comedy gem.

Currently watching #SraduateYear on netflix. It’s so funny and RebelWilson is so cool. Its time to come right away.

Netflix / Via Twitter: @DanJTPitt


I think this appearance from Alicia Silverstone made everyone think ignorant. I wondered for a moment if this was some crossover.

The irony of AliciaSilv being an Uber driver in her first year on netflix when she’s a “virgin who can’t drive” should be appreciated by all millennials. #snapchat#snapchat#snapchat

Twitter: @soybeansoyka4


I think Britney Spears’ moment was quite well known.

This #senioryear Britney moment is everything. And the parent who went downstairs and went up was all of our parents 😂😂RebelWilson Thank you for this movie gem

Twitter: ohsilymike


I think Britney would be proud of that scene.

This crazy Britney Spears music video recreation (You Drive Me) by Rebel Wilson is truly iconic! #Graduation Year

Netflix / Via Twitter: @DannyWxo


Some deep questions left unanswered for viewers to think about.

1. She has barely interacted with smartphones being a thing 2. Who has kept her as her highlight for 20 years? 3. Why does Alicia Silverstone work as an Uber driver when she has a clueless poster in her bedroom? #snapchat#snapchat#snapchat

Twitter: @Charlot31941149


Zoe Chow and Sam Richardson hit her out of the park again after their great work in the other side.

#SraduateYear was amazingly cheerful and amazing. Zoe Chao and Sam Richardson 👏👏👏 I thoroughly enjoyed walking down memory lane with the soundtrack too

Twitter: @myspaceout


The movie threw some sharp truth bombs.

“The perfect online life doesn’t matter if you’re miserable in real life,” the message in this movie is amazing #SraduateYear

Twitter: @alaisdair


Unlike the comics, justice was elusive in the film.

The thing I hate about #SraduateYear is that the ‘mean girl’ put her in a coma for 20 years but they never did anything about it, she had to go to jail

Twitter: @christykatt


Funny young actors looked good in supporting roles.

#SraduateYear is a fun journey of nostalgia and all the actors are like multi talented theater kids so refreshing to watch them

Twitter: @SoniaEryka

Have you seen Graduation Year distance?

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