NHL, St. Louis Police investigate threats against Kadri - TSN.ca

NHL, St. Louis Police investigate threats against Kadri – TSN.ca

The NHL said Monday that St. Louis police are investigating threats against the Colorado Avalanche striker Nazim Qadriwho has been the subject of racist posts on social media since he was involved in a collision that toppled the Blues goalkeeper. Jordan Bennington Until the end of the series.

Deputy Commissioner Bill Daley told The Associated Press via email that the university and police are looking into the situation.

“We take threats to any of our players or any of our club members very seriously,” Daly said. “We are in contact with the St. Louis Police Department and they are using enhanced security measures in both the plaza and the hotel.”

The team said Sunday evening that it is aware of the threats against Qadri and that it is working with local law enforcement authorities to investigate. My destiny collided with Bennington during Game Three of the second round of the playoff series on Saturday night. Qadri said that a Blues player threw a water bottle at him during a post-match interview.

The Associated Press verified Twitter posts sent to the official Avalanche team’s account and to Kadri, who called him “Arab scum” and made references to terrorism. Other posts, some of which have since been deleted, included death threats. One was still awake hours before Game Four in St. Louis, with Colorado leading the best of seven streaks 2-1.

It was not clear whether the posts on social media were the subject of the league, team or police investigation, or if there were other threats against Qadri, who is of Lebanese origin.

A person wearing a dark blue jacket with “St. Lewis Police” printed in yellow on the back stood near the avalanche bench where Kadri and the avalanche set off before game time. Fate was booed when he took his first turn for just over a minute into the match, as well as every time he touched the disc.

The fans rallied when Kady’s first bout ended with him facing attacking Blues Brayden Shin on the seats.

Qadri helped calm the crowd with two second-half goals as part of Colorado’s four-goal rush. It also frustrated the Blues players Pavel Buchnevich And David Peronwho were punished after their operation in Qadri.

Bukhnevich was punished for roughing it up for pushing Kadri from behind after Kadri had examined Perun. When Qadri was getting up, Perun pushed him down again, for which the penalty of scrutiny was issued.

The Blues had just finished beating Avalanche’s two-man advantage, when Kadri scored to give Colorado a 4-1 lead before 12:23 left in the second half. Avalanche scored three goals in a 1:42 period to overcome a 1-0 deficit, and Qadri scored the green goal.

My destiny turned around and seemed to greet the crowd after scoring his first goal. He seemed to avoid being hit from behind by Peron after he scored his second goal.

After morning skiing over Colorado in St. Louis, coach Jared Bednar called the threats “unnecessary.” captain Gabriel Landskog He added that they were sad and defended being in the public eye.

“Unfortunately, people think they have the freedom to say and do whatever they want. But we’ve always been safe and that’s no different,” Landskog said.

blues suite David Peron She described it as unfortunate.

“We don’t want that to happen, of course,” Peron said. “I hope he’s taken care of. I’ll leave it at that. You don’t want to see that happen to anyone for any reason.”

Former NHL player Akeem Allio He told the AP by text message that he was in constant contact with Qadri and added, “All we can really do is support him morally.”

“Naz has been subjected to numerous racist attacks and threats since last night, which led to the recruitment of the police,” Aliu, a Canadian of Nigerian descent, wrote on Twitter. “Racist attacks like this have no place in hockey and must be investigated and reported.”

Aliou and Kadri are members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, which works to eliminate racism and systemic intolerance in the game of hockey, and help make the sport more accessible to minorities and disadvantaged youth.

The NHL has several layers of security in place, including club personnel and the additional services provided by the home team that is in constant contact with the league’s security department. This department is active in such cases and can work with federal and local law enforcement, when necessary.

The league, with input from the NHL Players Association, has established a confidential hotline where players can report harassment, discrimination or other serious misconduct. It is operated by a third party, with the ability to submit reports by phone, email or online anonymously or with attribution.


Freelance writers David Solomon and Joe Harris of St. Louis, Missouri, contributed to this report.


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