Shesterkin 'key' to bring Rangers back into the series with Game 3 win

Shesterkin ‘key’ to bring Rangers back into the series with Game 3 win

New York – They were chanting his name again.

“EEE-gor, EEE-gor, EEE-gor.”

It was 18006 in full circle at Madison Square Garden expressing their appreciation for her Igor Shesterkinthe New York Rangers goalkeeper who was the best player on the ice for either team in Game Three of the second round of the Eastern Conference.

When that happens, Rangers rarely lose. They didn’t do on Sunday.

Shesterkin put together his masterpiece by saving 43 pieces for a 3-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes.

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Carolina still leads the best 2-1 streak, but the Rangers are in it now because their goalkeeper was worthy of admiration.

“Igor was fantastic for us and that was the key,” Rangers coach Gerard Gallant said. “It’s the key to our group.”

He should have been in the third game. It was wide open compared to matches 1 and 2 in Rallye, defensive battles that included five goals and 97 shots on target. Shesterkin did well in those matches, allowing three goals out of 47 shots in total, but the Rangers scored once and lost both.

They doubled their attack in the first 25:55 of match 3, and got a power play goal Mika Zibanjad To make the score 1-0 at 11:54 in the first half and a goal from Chris Crieder to rise 2-0 at 5:55 of a second.

But Shesterkin was the difference because he was under siege from the start of the match.

“In the first half of the match we were very losers and we gave them a lot of chances to score,” Gallant said.

Shesterkin had 17 shots in the first period and stopped them all, and there was nothing more elegant than when he shot off his net to outrun the Hurricanes forward. Jesperi Kotkaniemi Because he was coming alone on the goalkeeper.

The disc ended up under Shesterkin and was frozen at 13:04. Kotkaniemi looked surprised and looked at the rafters in disbelief.

He wasn’t the only Hurricane player to do that.

“I felt comfortable with the way we’re going,” Carolina coach Rod Brendamor said. “But we couldn’t put the puck in the net.”

Shesterkin faced 18 rounds in the second half. Just got hit Nino NiederretterLight backhand from the right circle at 8:18.

It was almost shocking to enter an imp because of how focused Shesterkin seemed to be.

He knew that, too.

“I gave up a goal and let the team down,” Shesterkin said. “I had to fix the mistake I made.”

Shesterkin responded in a manner expected of the goalkeeper who reached the final of the Hart Cup, which is awarded to the most important player in the National Hockey League in the regular season, and the Vezina Cup, which goes to the best goalkeeper in the league.

Stop Andrei Svechnikov On coiled with his right toe saved at the left column at 10:20 and then returned from left to right to stop Vincent TrochekAfter six seconds for one timer.

Follow the disc well and put on the glove Tiofu Terrafenendeflection for Tony D’AngeloWrist shot from the point at 11:37.

“When you miss a goal, you feel a little disappointed for a moment, you say a few mean words and you forget about it,” Chesterkin said.

Carolina started the third inning with 94 seconds left in a power game that moved from second. Shesterkin stopped all four shots he faced in this strong play, giving him 38 saves with over 18 minutes to play.

Shesterkin’s 39 save was a rebound for Henrik Lundqvist, the former Rangers goalkeeper who was in the building watching the goalkeeper who conceded two years earlier.

Shesterkin used his mask on the head Jordan StahlHe shot out of harm’s way at 2:46 out of the third. Lundqvist used to do things like this all the time.

“It’s something we’ve talked about a lot, which is how much confidence he instills in us, especially when he seems to be making the tough saves so easy,” Kreider said.

Lundqvist also used to star in shows in the playoffs that turned him into a legend in New York, which made fans chant his name.

“HEN-reek, HEN-reek, HEN-reek.”

Now it’s “EEE-gor, EEE-gor, EEE-gor” and it feels the same.

“Exactly what we were expecting,” Gallant said.

Shesterkin needs to do it again on Tuesday, when the Rangers and Hurricanes play Game Four.

If he is the best player on the ice, Rangers will probably win.

“He’s been doing it all season,” striker Philip Shettle She said. “We know his capabilities. He’s one of the best goalkeepers in the match and we trust every second of the net. We only trust him and he does what he can do. He’s unbelievable.”

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