Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow explained the cancellation in a new report

Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow explained the cancellation in a new report

Details about why The CW’s show for Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow has been canceled are emerging in a new report that says it’s back to studio space leases.

Details about CW’s cancellation batuman And legends of tomorrow It was revealed in a new report. batuman Just wrapped up its third season on the struggling network, while legends of tomorrow It finished its seventh season before it was canceled. In terms of classifications, batuman The performance was poor, with viewership down 20 percent from the second season, while legends of tomorrow It was on the higher end of the ratings spectrum, ranking 9th on the CW Show’s 19 list.

batuman It had its share of controversy early on. The show began with co-star Ruby Rose starring as Batwoman/Kate Kane before her surprise exit after that. batuman Season 1. Rose was replaced by Javicia Leslie, who wore the bonnet as newly created batuman Character, Ryan Wilder, all the way batuman Season 3, though, has never really gone up the ratings in any way. legends of tomorrow It does better in Controversies, sort of as a rendezvous with countless mostly lower-level DC characters with a number of crossover events with other Arrowverse shows helping to maintain its momentum.

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Both shows were canceled in the wake of the WB/Discovery merger, which saw a ripple effect across all aspects of WB’s holdings, be it film or television. In a new report from THRand cancel both batuman And legends of tomorrow Interpreted as a result of studio space. Apparently, CW CEO Mark Pedowitz wanted to bring both shows back for another season, but WB/Discovery, who is currently cleaning the house as part of their post-merger restructuring, decided that they “She no longer wants to pay rent for studio space, which expired on May 1, resulting in the cancellation of April 29.”

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batuman And legends of tomorrow It’s not the only cancellations in the CW and throughout the West Bank, like Charm, Dynasty, Roswell, New Mexico, 4400, Into the dark, And Naomi They all got the ax, too. However, the biggest factor in these cancellations isn’t so much ratings as with the Warners and CBS Studios divestitures in The CW, where the network is currently shopping for new owners. The loss of $1 billion via the Netflix streaming deal that expired in 2019 has had a huge impact on The CW, which won’t reach a stable environment until it’s picked up by a new owner.

CW’s model has always been to create low-cost scripting, but with competition from live broadcasts, which usually have bigger budgets and bigger talent, the market is getting increasingly crowded. The Marvel and star Wars Shows on Disney+, plus HBO Max’s peace makerand Prime Video’s boys It made the comparison very difficult for The CW in terms of quality in terms of comic book-based content. While CW has a loyal fan base for shows like batuman And legends of tomorrowHowever, being able to compete with low-cost programming is a challenge and it won’t slow down. Hopefully the network will find a middle ground (or even a high ground) with new owners, but without the revenue to support the growth (and budgets) it needs to compete, it will continue to struggle.

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