The man who knocked on Luna Boss' door says he lost millions in a crypto crash

The man who knocked on Luna Boss’ door says he lost millions in a crypto crash

Phone showing Luna's price as it goes down over the weekend of May 8th.

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The man who allegedly tried to push A Head honcho . visit From the Terra blockchain on May 13, he finally spoke on Tuesday, telling reporters that Terra and Luna’s crash had left him financially devastated, and he wanted to hear directly from Terra’s boss what the man had planned for cryptocurrency.

The BBC It reported that the encrypted broadcast operator who only uses the username “Chancers” said that after the crash “I felt like I was going to die.” Chancers, whose face was hidden by a mask, hat and sunglasses while speaking to reporters, claimed that he started investing in cryptocurrency in 2017, but lost $2.4 million in Luna coins when the cryptocurrency started Collide Weekend on May 8th. This was despite the Luna Foundation Guard’s support for the platform Billions of dollars in bitcoinand now Terra and Luna deserve it Less dirt. The broadcaster claimed that he searched the internet for Kwon’s address in Seoul and then went there “to ask him about his plans for Luna. I have suffered a great loss and wanted to speak to him directly.”

Television channels broadcast their planned interaction with Kwon to 100 people on his channel on South Korea-based broadcasting site AfreecaTV, according to the BBC. When he knocked on Kwon’s door around 6:23 p.m. local time, instead of the founder of Tira coming to the door, Kwon’s wife answered instead and told the broadcaster that her husband was outside. korean news site The Chosun Ilbo She mentioned that day that the wife called the police to ask for protection. The tape said he turned himself in to law enforcement, and Elbow reported that the man was accused of home trespassing.

The operator also told reporters that it now considers Terra Luna coins a “scam” and said crypto bosses are running away without accountability for their failed projects. South Korean prosecutors said last FRaiday they had Scam investigation started in Kwon.

The financial times On Monday, it reported that some South Korean Terra backers lost millions during the cryptocurrency’s plunge, when the Terra stablecoin decoupled from the US dollar, triggering a massive sell-off that led to the collapse of it and its sister currency, Luna. Some small retail investors have told The Times that they have lost their life savings. An unnamed close colleague of Kwon told FT reporters that investors are “fascinated” by Terra’s algorithm-based stablecoin infrastructure, but the growth has been unsustainable.

Kwon has often responded to critics who questioned the stability of his coins, including once in July 2021 when he told an economics writer “I don’t argue with the poor. After days of trying to support Luna, Kwon chirp To his followers on May 13 “My heart grieves about the pain my invention has caused all of you,” adding that he or any of his affiliates benefited from the collapse of Luna.

Kwon is now advertising a file revival ofghThis time without the algorithmic stablecoin. A Terraform Labs spokesperson told Gizmodo yesterday that “Terraform Labs – both as an entity and as a team – have remained fully operational and firmly committed to implementing the project’s mission since day one,” and they are now focused on giving back to the Earth’s ecosystem.

Despite Kwon promising to drop Luna 2.0 coins off the air in an existing TerraUST account, Terra’s supposed second chance doesn’t mean much to those who have already lost millions. Observers told reporters that he was “in the top 1% in terms of my finances” before the crash, and because of his attempted confrontation with Kwon, He will face a fine and potentially have a criminal record. The operator added that he previously worked as a government employee but if he is convicted he will not be able to return to this type of work.

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