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The Edmonton Oilers loosened a hole too deep in an 8-6 loss to an avalanche in Game 1: Hockey Player Score

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The Edmonton Oilers relegated Game 1 of the Western Conference Final to Colorado on Tuesday night by an 8-6 margin.

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The Oilers handled the disc poorly early on against a high-octane attacking club and paid a lot for it in the end.

Edmonton showed great resilience in this despite their rough defensive play, coming back from 7-3 to 7-6, before giving up an empty net goal in the last minute.

There was also the ‘call’: Oilers coach challenged Colorado 3-2 goal late 2second abbreviation which appeared at first glance to be illogical. But unfortunately … it did not work. The easiest way to explain the league’s reason for the decision is that it was a “really quick-delayed offside” (my words, not theirs), and that Cal Makar didn’t have a disc while his teammate was clearly still in the attack zone. However, isn’t it necessary for the assistant referee to report any delay on the part of the player when the player is about to touch him? And add to that the fact that in just about any other aspect of the game, you don’t have to be in constant contact with the disc to own the ball. In fact, the player never does that.

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Putting all that aside: That “target” made it 3-2, and the resulting Power Play turned 4-2 early in the second frame. Realizing that this ends with a one-goal game, the invitation is worth analysis and criticism. It was a major turning point. But to be fair, the Oilers were also the author of many of their own issues including the spin of that particular play.

Anyway… Here’s the story of the tape.

Edmonton Oilers player score

Mike Smith. 3. It is a bit difficult to rate this grade, because Mike Smith was the best of all oil lubricants at 1Street Edmonton also had a 16-8 advantage. Smith was often a victim of poor coverage and decision making before him. It is difficult to point out which of the pucks that sailed in front of him and the “those on Mike” went. But after allowing 6 of 25 rounds, he got the hook anyway. Do you need a rescue from your veteran goalkeeper when a game is going like this? Certainly, fair. But a lot of the skaters in front of Smith need to blame, too.

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Mikko Koskinen. 7. Due to one of the many ridiculous NHL rules that come to mind, Mikko Koskinen is marked with the letter “L” in this rule. Shame because he was excellent in a very difficult position. I stopped in on 20 of 21, including some with a hard score ‘on O’Connor and Kadri 2second abbreviation5 alarm chance off Nichushkin stick halfway through 3research and development, close chance of Kadri (again) and Rantanen later in the same frame. He gave his club a chance to punch. deserves better.

Conor MacDavid. 6. He took some time to run his car and was among the many who made some bad decisions with and without the puck. This included covering a loose neutral area on 2-1. He got in the zone and then sifted a pass to Kulak in a 2-2 sequence, earning assists along the way. He won a showdown to start the sequence 7-4 and finished with one timer with a nice Draisaitl pass. He passed the sequence and got another pass at 7-6. What McDavid won’t like about his game is 9 chances to score at High Severity with 97 chances on the ice. He chose the third star, but where were some gaps in his game. He set a Stanley Cup game record with his number 11The tenth Multi-point game in his team’s first 13 post-season games, passing Wayne Gretzky (10, twice).

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Leon Drystel. 5. She wears some guilt to cover the neutral area on 1-2. No help but he had a key touch at 2-2. He and Nugent-Hopkins were up front with the puck with a 5-3 goal, his side wasn’t on the ice, but he was there first. Perfect pull and pass through the hole to the waiting McDavid for a 7-4 goal. And another super feed through the mouth of the goalie right on the Nugent-Hopkins bar for 7-6. Like McDavid, slow to start but improving as the game goes on.

Evander King. 5. Kane opened the scoring with a wrist shot over Darcy Comber’s glove, after swallowing a pass from Ryan Nugent Hopkins. A bit unlucky at 6-3, his good defensive stick ended up in a rebound fit for Colorado. Great play along the wall to hold the area, to earn 7-4 help. 2 shots, 5 hits.

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nurse darnell. 2. A hard night. She changed the wrong direction for the 2-1 goal after the loose coverage of the neutral zone had already put him in a tight spot. It was the volume of his spin in the neutral zone that led to a 3-2, just 9 seconds after he tied the Oilers at 2 late in the first. I didn’t (and still don’t) agree with the call, but the nurse was under control without meaningful pressure. The pass in the hole cannot be stopped on 4-2. Zone won with the final 4-3 goal. But he was on the ice again on a drill on a fire that turned 6-3. Opportunities for scoring against / against 8-20 with him on the ice. We all know that a nurse is not 100%. For me, it’s easier to forgive physical mistakes than it is to some decision-makers.

CECI CODY. 4. This pair struggled, albeit against stiff competition. Ceci was unable to get to the shooter in time at 4-2. The scoring chances with him on the ice were 2 to 1 against. Despite my looks, his partner struggled more than Cece.

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Amal Ryan. 5. Sprung Kane 1-0 with a superb pass. Late check on 4-2 PP goal. Both he and Drissettle faced the same puck at 5-3. This was usually his side of the ice, but Leon was already there. Made the match too close at 7-6 with a Power Play goal from the net’s side. -2.

Zach Hyman. 6. Shake the net 2-2. I thought it was the best of all the early oil skaters. He had 5 shots and 4 hits.

Killer Yamamoto. 4. Pulled deep and away from the check on 6-3. help. Some won, some lost along the walls. minus 2.

Evan Bouchard. 4. His spin in the attack zone leads straight to 1-1. Can’t stop the ice pass on 7-3. His initial point shot turned a good O-zone turn into 5-on-4 when the Colorado man went down, and a second shot aimed chaotically around the net led to a 7-4.

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Duncan Keith. 4. Duncan Keith was the only man to come back with a 1-1 goal but was unable to intercept the pass. Unwise pinch on goal 7-3 against. This pairing had some weaker moments, but they were also the only Oilers D-pair pair to break 50% in CF 5v5 (Keith was 20-19, 51%).

Ryan McLeod. 7. One of the best oilers from start to finish. He scored 4-3 by going hard into the net and was rewarded. I did the same thing later in the same period but a stubborn pillow held back what appeared to be a peck. Among the best oilers in CF 5v5 (16-9, 64%). HDSC only one against.

Warren Vogel. 5. His shot made the rebound that MacLeod hit the net with a 4-3 goal. Along with McLeod, Foegele had a CD going in a positive direction for most of his bouts. On the other hand, HDSC did not allow one against. Powerful enough performance.

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Jesse Poliogarvi. 4. The first attacker “backwards” on the 1-1 goal, although I thought at the time that two more steps on his part might be beneficial. He won the panel fight on goal 4-3. But when I look at my game chart, it says it didn’t have much of an impact on the game. And with only 7:33 TOI’s, the coach seems to have agreed.

Britt Colak. 6. Probably the best oiler on a rough night for a D-men. Laser pass through hole to Hyman for 2-2. Important touch in sequence 7-4. It even broke on HDSC’s For / Against at 19:05.

Tyson Barry. 5. Running 5-3 but was tasked with defending 3v1 after a breakdown in Zone D coverage. I find it hard to blame Barry for that. 2 shots, 2 quick shots. He and Colak were fine.

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Derek Ryan. 5. Johnny is immediately in the hole to push the house 7-5 after his streak puts good pressure into the Av. But he stifled 5 against 5 (9-17, 35%). 80% of draws to lead the team.

Zach Cassian. 5. He won a board fight in the O-zone but when he stabbed the puck back to the point Keith vacated his usual spot. Much of the course is on a 7-5 goal, including a clever pass from behind the net that landed Ryan in the hole. Just missed a break. Mast 8:38.

Josh Archibald. 4. 5 strokes. You just missed a great pass from Qasian late in the 3research and development But his head flew inches high.

Game 2 is back in Denver Thursday night.

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