Survivor 42 Episode 12 recap

Survivor summary: Which five players are left to beat on Final Night?

As one player quickly learned on Wednesday: There is no such thing as “survivor Confidence.”

This week, the Final 6 fought for their lives in the game, as a castaway playing from below tried to convince the entire clan to vote its way in. While everyone has remained a target for reasons of his or her own, the influx of idols and the last chance to play Shot in the Dark has turned every possible plan into a giant question mark looming. But whose plan succeeded, and who was he sent baled? And who are the five players who will battle it out at the end of the season (broadcast Wednesday, May 25 at 8/7c)? Read on for a full summary.

With Drea gone, Lindsay’s mascot has been transformed into a complete immune fetish. But can anything stop Omar at this point? He unleashes an obsessive laugh as all his plans come to fruition. But he’s not done yet with Russell Hantz: he’s already brought back Mike’s idol, as promised. But Mike is not a doll! He knows that Omar can defeat him in Final 3, and he knows he has to be cut sooner rather than later.

But first, he has to plant a seed with Marianne, who is fully aware that she, too, cannot beat Omer. She tells Mike about her extra vote, and considers stabbing her ally in the back, despite his love and trust in him. “If I don’t take that step, I won’t win, and that’s terrifying,” she said (rightly).

Jonathan says Taco Four won’t go further together than Final 6. He even knows he can’t win with Lindsey and Omar in the game and so, “it’s time to break up.”

Reward or reward | Players must untie the rope, then tackle a series of obstacles, and collect a key to some puzzle pieces along the way. The first to finish the block puzzle wins by choosing between chicken, veggies, chocolate cake and cookies. Is it worth playing? Heck yes, Jeff!

Jonathan is the first to solve the puzzle (because he is, of course), but Omar is the one who got the job done and won the grub. He chooses the cake and biscuit, and he chooses Romeo, Marianne, and Mike to have a snack with him.

camp | There’s a lot of talk about Mike coming home, but Jonathan knows Lindsay is doing something. And she is. You want him to go. The hard part: They have to defeat Jonathan in the Immunity Challenge. Mike tells Jonathan and Marianne about Lindsay’s idol, and uses the information to try to convince them that she and Omar need to break up. Marian realizes she’s out of the loop with Lindsay, which seems to push her mental game into gear.

Immunity is preserved when caught | Players must race over a series of obstacles and across a bridge containing puzzle steps. These steps will help them build a ladder. Maneuver a bag of balls over a tall tower, complete the backgammon maze, gain invulnerability.

Lindsay is the first to put her steps in place, and the first to make her balls reach the maze of the table. Jonathan, Omar and Mike are not far behind. Jonathan and Lindsay drop their first balls, making it a showdown between the two former members of Taco. But Lindsey eventually defeated Goliath, earning her second solo immunity of the season.

strategy | Jonathan thinks Mike is the plan, but Lindsay hopes everyone will join her in voting for Jonathan’s exit. Lindsay tells Omar that her best bet is not to use her idol because she doesn’t want another to be hidden the next day. (I don’t quite remember anyone not Using an idol for that reason, but that’s smart.) Marianne is stuck in a life plan which worries Mike, but assures everyone that with her extra vote, they can take him out. But Jonathan and Mike don’t trust Romeo. It looks like it could be anyone tonight, but we know one thing for sure: it’s wont Be Lindsey.

Survivor Episode 42tribe council | Jeff says he feels dread and despair in the air. At this point everyone is looking towards Final 3, and everyone’s threat level is at an all-time high. There’s less room to hide, says Omar, while Lindsay hopes everyone she’s ever spoken to can trust. Jonathan knows something is lying. No vote went quite as expected, he says, and someone is about to be shocked. It’s also the last tribal council where Shot in the Dark can be played, which according to Marian, prevents any vote from being a clean sweep.

The group votes, and no one plays an idol?! (How is that even possible so late in the game?) Jeff got the score, and a 2-2-2 draw between Jonathan, Romeo and Omar…but one vote remains. “You did that?” Omar Marian asks. She replied, “I did.” Talk about a resume boost because the seventh vote reads “Omar,” and sends the lead game strategist straight to Ponderosa.

Impressed by Marianne’s move? Was Omar your choice to win everything? let’s know everything Drop some comments below!

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