Carmen Electra, former 'Baywatch' star, opens up about why she decided to join OnlyFans

Carmen Electra, former ‘Baywatch’ star, opens up about why she decided to join OnlyFans

Carmen Electra, best known for her roles in Baywatch And Scary movieI decided to join OnlyFans – and the cause is impressive. After filing lawsuits against several strip clubs who used her form without her permission in advertisements, Electra has decided that she wants to be responsible for her image from now on, and OnlyFans is a platform that will allow her to do so.

She said:

“People will do whatever they want to do anyway with your photos…”

“You might also be in control of them and keep track of what you feel like you’re doing on the inside.”

One fan tweeted:

Carmen Electra just announced that she’s going to be joining the fans only and she actually has a really good reason: ‘People are going to do whatever they want to do anyway with your pics. “

Another person said:

“Carmen Electra, 50, joins OnlyFans and declares it really good to be in control of her saucy shots…after modeling for Playboy for decades.”

The OnlyFans page will launch on Electra on Wednesday. The platform is a social networking website like any other, but differs in that it allows nudity and explicit content. It is subscription based which means that content is viewable only to paying users. What is 50 years old? Baywatch The star plans to do her page including beauty lessons, posting lingerie pictures and also providing more adult content.

She said of the decision:

“I have this opportunity, for once, to be my own manager and have my creative vision to share with my fans without anyone standing over me, and telling me, ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that. Cover this up’.” “

Electra explained that the forum would allow her to “show a little more”. She’s excited about not having to censor anything more revealing than usual.

Many are excited about the launch of her page.

Someone said:

“Carmen Electra, 50, is hotter than most women my age.”

Others commented:

Another person said:

This decision was inspired by her battle with strip clubs, which she said was overly controlling what she did and how she presented herself. She said her lawsuits give her a chance to defend herself, something she’s proud of.

She explained:

“I think what we’re going through right now is people are finally standing up for themselves and who they are.”
“It’s not always easy to do, but I respect people who can stand up for their identity and be honest about it.”

Electra joins a number of celebrities who are comfortable with nudity and have joined forces only as fans, including former Disney star Bella Thorne, rappers Bhad Babi and Shanna Mockler. like S.Carrie movie The star is celebrating her fiftieth birthday, beginning an exciting new chapter. For Electra, her days with strip clubs are behind her.

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