SWAT star Lina Esco quits the show ahead of season 6

SWAT star Lina Esco quits the show ahead of season 6

SWAT Spoilers follow.

SWAT Star Lina Esco is leaving the series before the already confirmed sixth season.

The actress has played Christina “Chris” Alonso since the show’s first season premiered in 2017, and has now confirmed that season five, whose ending aired in the US on Sunday (May 22), will be her last.

In a statement, Esco opened up about leaving the show and her beloved character behind “to pursue new creative endeavors.”

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The actress said (via TVLine).

“Five years later, I’m leaving SWAT To pursue new creative endeavors. Chris never retreats from the unknown and as an actor and director, I’m excited to break out of my comfort zone and embark on a new chapter as well.”

The character’s exit story has come to the fore in recent weeks, as Chris makes the decision to leave SWAT to take over the management of a local safe house for immigrant women fleeing dangerous situations from Mama Pena after her hospitalization.

Last night’s season finale saw Kris work her last day on SWAT and share meaningful gifts with her friends and co-workers as she bids farewell.

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Description of Asco Departure SWAT As one of the hardest decisions she had to make, she added, “I am forever grateful to me SWAT My family – my fellow actors, writers, and producers – is on an incredible journey.

“To the amazing SWAT Fans, you are the heart of the show. I can’t thank you enough for your support and walking by my side through my whole Chris journey! “

The actress first told producers about her intention to leave the show a year ago, as SWAT Exhibitors explained in their own statement.

For five seasons and 106 episodes, we have had the pleasure of watching Lina Esco bring Chris Alonso to life on SWATThey wrote.

Lina Isco as Christina


“When Lena came to us a year ago to express her desire to eventually pursue another endeavour, we all worked hard to give Chris a proper farewell throughout the season, realizing how special and important she was to our fans.

“It’s hard to replace what Lena brought to the show and what Chris represented to our audience. We will miss Chris, but we will miss Lena especially, wishing her the best of luck in whatever she chooses next.”

SWAT It is broadcast on CBS in the United States.

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