Random Thoughts: Game 6

Random Thoughts: Game 6

After the way the boys dropped the ball in games four and five, the feelings here haven’t been positive, and I think it’s worth having a conversation about what happened last night. Here are some ideas from last night

Conor McDavid is going to a supernova

What can you say about him Conor McDavid More than suggesting that the guy walks into hero mode right before our eyes. Far from taking him off the board in Game 4, he’s had multipoint games the other five nights where the Kings seem to have no answer to stop him from doing his job. While past results certainly don’t guarantee future success, I think it’s a pretty safe bet to point out that he’ll be a factor in most of his turnovers, and when it comes to elimination game tomorrow, I’d be very concerned about what he’s going to do for appearances if you’re a fan Los Angeles Kings. Again, there’s a lot of hockey to play and we know one player can’t carry a team in this league, but I know that Conor McDavid can change the outcome on his own. And frankly, I feel very lucky to be able to watch him play every night and I will again encourage everyone to read this to take a moment to appreciate the player we have here. There is no one else in the league like him, and no one I would prefer to follow in battle.

Pray for Leon Drysittel’s body

I don’t think it’s a secret that Leon Drysittel is playing a sore spot now, but what I hope is that he can make it past Game 7 without his body receiving any more punishment than it already has. I mean, look at the clip above…Draisaitl gets pulled in the back and twists something on its way into the ice, it was obvious that everything that happened affected the way he moved. Fortunately, Drai was able to get through his night and get basic help to the winner of the game, but it would be nice if the player could make it through this next match without any further mishap. The good news is that even at 60-80%, Draisaitl is still better than most players in this league and that’s not going to change, but I’m wondering if that means we’ll see him on the wing tomorrow night instead of in the center where he’ll have to do more skateboarding. I think we’ll have to wait and see what Woodcroft brings together.

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Evander King

I know some people weren’t big fans Evander King Flashes seven fingers to the crowd after cashing in the empty netter, but I don’t have a real big problem with that. For me, it was one of those moments where the Oilers won a do-or-die game in the opposition fold to bring the series back to Edmonton, and it provided a small dose of bragging that I think we need before tomorrow’s crucial competition. I also know some people are speculating that MacDavid didn’t like it being seen swearing off the bench shortly after – MacDavid wasn’t even celebrating his own goals so that would make sense – but I also remember a time when the referees were asked to check upstairs after scoring a goal Big a few years ago. No matter what anyone thought, I refuse to believe that this gesture was any indication of how tomorrow night was going to go or that the Oilers were looking forward to the job to be done. If anything, I hope Kane has so incensed the Kings that they will run toward him to try and take their pound of meat to show the crowd like that. Dare to dream?

Forget the referees, play your game

While this is certainly not news to anyone reading this, we need the Oilers to shrug off how badly the referees have run this series and continue to play their game without getting too frustrated. As we saw last night, it’s clear that even the simplest penalties against us won’t be called, and I think the key to winning tomorrow night is to let that nonsense slip off their backs and keep moving forward. As frustrating as it is for players to spew bullshit one way or the other, they can’t let the Kings win the mental aspect of this final match and have to stay focused. Only the task at hand, nothing more.

better than ever

In the final episode of Better Lait Than Never, I got engulfed in the grief that came with losing Game 5 OT and wondering why there are so many Oilers fans who threw in the towel early. Subscribe to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts.

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