Red Sox hands escalate Angels loss 12th in a row -

Red Sox hands escalate Angels loss 12th in a row –

ANAHEIM, California (AP) – When his last lockdown was secured five years ago, Michael Wacha pumped his fist and sought out Cristian Vazquez’s catch for a congratulatory hug.

Washa managed to defeat the Boston Red Sox by three strokes, and the Boston Red Sox beat Los Angeles 1-0 on Monday night to bring the Angels their 12th consecutive defeat.

“Victories like this, yes, Michael was the star, he was amazing for us,” said Boston coach Alex Cora. “But that was a total team effort. A 1-0 game, nine innings, these days you don’t see that. I’m happy to be a part of it.”

Vazquez won the RBI single in second as the Red Sox won their fifth in a row.

The Angels matched the longest streak in a season, and was last completed to finish the 1988 schedule.

Los Angeles star Mike Trout had his first single from Wacha to end the drought 0 for 26, the longest without an injury in his career.

Washa, who hasn’t worked in the eighth round since 2018, threw 105 throws in his second full career in 190 starts and the first since the three-time shutout for the St. Louis of the New York Mets on July 18, 2017.

This was the first full-game close by a Boston shooter in three years. The veteran right-hander outplayed Noah Sendergaard, who had a solid six run with Los Angeles, and cut his ERA to 1.99 in his first season with the Red Sox.

“You have to trust this match to get it done,” Wacha said. “I feel like with what the stadiums are doing now, and how they’re playing against some of the hitters, I felt that if we could get out early and get to strike whenever we needed to, things like this could happen.”

The Gem came on Wacha’s fourth start since returning from a stint on the injured list due to a sore left side.

“My recent starts, things were showing how I used to and continued to build those earlier starts after getting off IL,” Wacha said. “That’s what I was most satisfied with. Now keep building this game and take some things from here and work on them.”

Trout cut his slack for the first time, but the Los Angeles attack mustered little in the opening game of seven home games.

“He’s arguably one of the best, top three, probably the best by the end of time,” Angels coach Joe Maddon said of the trout. “And today he was doing[the beating exercise]at 12:30 against the guys we had to bring in to throw it in. That tells you about the motive.”

Washa (4-1) scored one walk and six hits in his second goalless game against the Angels this season. The former Cardinal star went to 5 2/3 of the closing rounds against Los Angeles at home on May 3.

Syndergaard (4-4) gave five hits with one walk and three hits. He also faced the former New York Mets star Wacha on May 3, dropping three runs at eight strokes in seven innings during the loss.

The Angels seemed to work in the first half, getting back-to-back singles from Shohei Ohtani and Trout. But then Ohtani was doubled down from second base to end the threat after Jared Walsh lined up with first base officer Franchi Cordero.

“Obviously I think we’re playing hard. We’re not winning games at the moment,” Maddon said.

The Red Sox used Alex Verdugo’s speed to score per second. Verdugo singles out the lead and was trying to steal second place with two wins when Vazquez scored into the gap in the left of midfield. Trout cut the ball but Verdugo scored anyway before the goal was thrown.

Washa threw a pair of fastballs 96mph while hitting Ohtani in the sixth inning and a fastball of 94mph while hitting Joe Adele to finish the eighth inning.

“Anytime he (Ohtani) steps into the box, you’re totally conscious up there on the hill and you have to put in really good performances for him,” Wacha said.

He completed the outing by making Ohtani on the mill to second base before saluting Vazquez near the first base line.

“That was fun,” Vásquez said. “The complete shutdown of the game is very special for everyone. This helps the team and the players a lot more. We started this series the right way.”

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Wacha threw only his 10th full game in the major tournaments this season, and a fifth was a closing. Boston has had three full games, mostly for the Red Sox since throwing five in 2017. Nathan Evaldi and Nick Pevita have made one game this season.

This was Boston’s first full-game shutdown since Chris Seal’s triple hitter in Kansas City on June 5, 2019. The 105 WACHA pitches were the biggest since the Cardinal’s 113th throw against Colorado on August 25, 2019.

coach room

Red Sox: The sale is still on schedule to throw the bulls Tuesday in Florida before facing the hitters in Friday’s batting practice. …LHP James Paxton played catch after throwing from 120 feet over the weekend and is in line to clear a hill by next week, according to Cora.

Angels: 3B Anthony Rendon (wrist), qualifier off the injured list, sent two ground players ahead of batting practice but no timetable for his return.

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Red Sox: RHP Garrett Whitlock (2-1, 3.02 ERA), who scored a top-nine hit against the Angels on May 4, will start Tuesday in Anaheim.

Angels: Not yet announced the start of Tuesday.

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