26 actors who haven't even seen their movie or tv show

26 actors who haven’t even seen their movie or tv show

I still can’t believe Emma Stone walked off the stage halfway Easy to.

Some actors are big fans of the movies and TV shows they’re in – but other actors hate seeing themselves on screen.

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Tom Hanks, for example, has only seen most of his movies once.

It’s understandable (I hate seeing/hearing myself in recordings too!), but some celebrities still clearly haven’t seen some of these blockbuster movies and shows! Here are 26 stars who haven’t seen one of their big roles.


Ellen Pompeo Didn’t See “Most” instinct anatomy.

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“I haven’t really seen most of them; I’ve only seen a handful of them,” she said on her podcast. “The few times I’ve been out, I’ve gone back and watched some old episodes.” In another interview, she said she only watched “six or seven” episodes – all after Season 10 (along with the pilot).

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Rupert Grint only saw the first three Harry Potter Movies. “I might have seen the first three at the first show, but then I stopped watching them,” he told Variety.

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In fact, he only recently watched the first movie in its entirety. He told BuzzFeed that he hates watching himself on screen, but is “far enough” from his now 11-year-old self that he feels he can watch.

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Kit Harington hasn’t seen Season 8 of game of thrones.

The hit show’s final season was controversial, to say the least, with many fans calling for it to be reshoots. When asked how he handled the controversy, Harrington said he dealt with it by not watching the season – though he defended the work that was put into it.

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After she starred in her first role in the anthology series KhalidaCara Delevingne said she couldn’t watch it. “I couldn’t hear it, see it [Timeless]; She said, “It was awful. It’s the same with my modeling pictures. I’m very critical of myself but then you always have to get better, so I think it’s a good thing.”


As of late 2017, Daniel Day-Lewis said he has not seen ghost themeHe did not plan to do so, although he had seen many of his other films. In particular , ghost theme It was his last movie before he retired from acting.

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While directing the film, Day-Lewis said he was “overwhelmed with feelings of sadness.”


Matthew Fox like never before Lost, Although Jack starred for six seasons. He said he liked the story he got from the script but didn’t watch the actual series.

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As well as Naveen Andrews, who played the role of Saeed. “I filmed the show, and you obviously see what I filmed when you do ADR, of course,” he revealed. “I mean, you read the scripts, but I didn’t actually sit and watch the show.” He’s said he’ll probably see it in 20 years.

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Connie Britton has only watched a few episodes american horror story, Despite she starred in season one, saying that she was “too scared” to watch the entire first season.

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In fact, when she had to choose an episode to introduce herself to Emmy, she had to text the producers and ask for help because she didn’t watch all the episodes.

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Emma Stone has only seen half Easy to, Her first major starring role. She told Timothée Chalamet on Variety’s Actors on Actors, “I saw some scenes, but I went to friends and family to show the movie, and had to get up and out. She said of the hit comedy Who wants to watch themselves for so long?”

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Andrew Lincoln is not watching the walking Deaddespite being a standout star in the series.

Lincoln told Entertainment Weekly that he doesn’t like watching himself on projects because he’s tried them in the past, and it made him feel ashamed: “This defeats the goal of what I want to do as an actor, which is try and be in the role. … I just want to leave myself as much as I can.” It breaks the spell; it breaks the magic to some extent.”

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Adam Driver only saw the pilot girls, despite appearing in another 48 episodes. “I didn’t watch the show. I saw the pilot and learned my lesson. I can’t help but see the bugs,” said the Eagle driver.


Never seen Eric Dane grey. In an interview with additionalDane admitted to never watching the show, saying he was “there when it happened.”

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Guest star Ravi Patel also did not watch any episodes. “Man, a lot of people have been excited about this show,” he told Zoom Digital. “This is so embarrassing, but I haven’t actually watched an episode of the show, not even the one I’m in.”


Jesse Eisenberg said he doesn’t plan on watching Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, In which he played the famous villain Lex Luthor.

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In fact, Eisenberg said he doesn’t watch any of his films, because, in his words, “I really like to think that you’re working in this bubble, and I can experience these personal feelings without thinking that they will be scrutinized by, in some cases, a lot of people.” …and in some cases, a small group of people. Taking that burden off yourself by thinking about how other people would view it or me made me feel kind of comfortable.”

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Jared Leto has never seen Dallas Buyers Clubfor which he won an Oscar.

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Leto actually plugged his ears while The Times was playing a clip, saying, “I can’t hear that! I haven’t heard much of it and have never seen the movie… He can never live up to the expectations I would have now because it was such a beautiful experience, and the response I got was… amazing “. He said he’ll see it sometime in the future.

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I haven’t seen Angelina Jolie required, in which she starred. “I heard it was fun. I feel like I did something right if I could watch something and it just felt upset enough,” Jolie told MTV, comparing it to Change , which you have seen.

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James van der Beek is never finished dawson creek, Although he’s – well – Dawson. He had never seen the last episode and had pretty much said an unequivocal “no” to the reboot.

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And the busy Philips didn’t see any of them Dawson’s Creek. “I didn’t see it before I was on the show, and I hardly watch it after I’m on the show, so I don’t have the same connection as others to it,” she explained to Porter Edit.


Carpenter’s charisma never ends Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayerand both played major roles in them.

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you didn’t watch Angel After her character died and you didn’t see her Al Shahba After I left this show. “Mainly, for whatever reason—perhaps an extra responsibility—that I didn’t have time. I was in survival mode,” she said, speaking of the stress of starting a new show.


In 2013, Maggie Smith admitted that she had never seen her before Downton Abbey.

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She said she might one day see it but didn’t want to: “Because it’s frustrating. I always see things I’d like to do differently and think, Oh, why in the name of God did I do that?”

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Joaquin Phoenix Like Never Before rational man. After saying he had never seen the movie, Phoenix explained that he tries not to watch any of his movies: “Paul Thomas Anderson [the director] made me watch Mr.and I saw Ha. Those are the only ones I’ve seen.”

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As of 2020, Constance Wu still hasn’t seen herself crooks. Wu said she stopped watching anything she was in after Crazy Rich Asians Because she wanted to stop herself from self-criticism or thinking about the past.

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Jodi Sweetin says she hasn’t watched an entire episode of Full house. “I have to be honest. I don’t know I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Full house. She didn’t sit in a full episode,” adding that she doesn’t own a TV.


As of 2009, Nicole Kidman has never seen any of her films Australia And Moulin Rouge! This then includes her Oscar-winning role in hours.

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She said she just watched Australia And Moulin Rouge! Baz Luhrmann.


Johnny Depp like never before Edward Scissorhands. Depp told a fan who asked a question about the movie on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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When Kimmel pressed whether Depp had seen any of Tim Burton’s films, Depp replied, “Those I haven’t been in.”

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Finally, you haven’t seen Elizabeth Olsen yet Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness – Although this is not because she refused to watch it, but because she refuses to see him in the audience at the premiere.

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Every time I watch [a premiere]And I looked around, and I said, “Well, this is our first failure.” “I just decided I don’t want to put myself through that experience again. I’ll see him sometime.”

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