New Kids in the Hall ends a shocking 27-year comedy drought for thirsty audiences

New Kids in the Hall ends a shocking 27-year comedy drought for thirsty audiences

There are probably a lot of impatient people waiting for the release of the new TV series of Canadian comedy legends kids in the hall.

They’re impatient because it’s been 27 years since the influential band formed in Toronto in 1984 wrote and performed on their weekly stand-up comedy show of the same name.

And waiting two years after the much-anticipated 2020 announcement that Young It will return for Season 6 — an eight-episode reboot of the original, on Amazon Prime (releasing Friday[May 13]) – They never calmed their nerves.

Some fans may also be concerned that the show’s five original cast/writers – Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Kevin MacDonald, Bruce McCulloch and Scott Thompson – may have lost some of the dark shine and sharp writing that made them so creative and energetic. Notable Canadian comedy troupe and series since then SCTV.

Back in the day, sizzling young men who sketched out both cheerful and angry spectators about a coiled-headed, worm-eating horndog, and a chicken lady with a hairy libido boosted their rep with young Boomers and Gen-Xers, who made it their own. .

But if you’re 40 today, you were only about two years old when the four members (Thompson joined in early 85) started playing Queen Street clubs and elsewhere in Toronto, and you were only 13 when Young’ The fifth and final television season ended in 1995.

So, with the exception of a VHS, DVD, or Internet search on their part, there are plenty of potential viewers out there who could be considered just curious.

A new infographic about old male strippers makes fun of the cast members’ ages (and genitals).

For those anxious, impatient and curious, the straight He previewed the first five episodes of the new season. We also spoke to McKinney about the reboot.

First, some reassurance to fanatics who hope that the only changes to the show will be new material. The roughly half-hour episodes feature the same original format, right down to the credits, lead music, video editing (with many updated but nearly identical visuals), and original executive producer (Lorne Michaels).

It is more gratifying that some Young’ The most unforgettable recurring characters — including AT & Love Boss, temps office workers Cathy and Kathy, Mr. Tyzik (the lead breaker), Francesca Fiori and Bruno Pontz-Jones, and the willing and energetic gay Buddy Cole — appear in these five installments (with guest celebrity guests). in each episode).

In a phone interview, McKinney said the process for writing the new material differs from the old series in two ways. One was that the five of them had already collected some sketches, having gotten together on different projects after the first series ended. “After the 2008 and 2015 tours, we started writing more new material,” he said. “We thought he might appear in a special or something.”

The other was the epidemic. “We couldn’t get together to write, physically, so it was all kind of zoomed in and over the phone.”

The five familiar faces are chubby, to be sure, as are their waistlines (a few of which can be checked in more detail during a gritty, gratuitous spectacle of full frontal nudity). But wigs can cover gray and bald spots, even if your Run Fagot is missing a step or two.

And while some of the younger cross roles and teen parts, Young Known to be denied them now, McCulloch wore the shorts again for a horrifying, self-referential look as prepubescent Gavin.

A sketch of the restaurant based on vintage materials that mocks gastronomy and a lamination installation for a luxury kitchen uses all five members of the band (with Kevin MacDonald, offscreen, as the female solo diner).

Overall, the core of the band’s archetype remains, perhaps especially in the Foley, Thompson, and MacDonald story about a doctor dropping “only” 30 percent of the children they give birth.

Those who are looking for each other Young’ More disturbing stuff you’ll enjoy McKinney and Foley’s two-man about Shakespeare reminiscent of Monty Python’s “Sam Peckinpah’s Salad Days” drawing but with the addition of human internal organs. “We used 100 gallons of fake blood on it,” McKinney revealed. In a strange mood after shooting it, I went home and watched suspense. “

Show writer Paul Bellini — who was seen dancing on the show’s “grave” wearing nothing but the usual towel in the final scene of the original series — paves the way for the re-release by bringing out the dead bodies of the five older, still-living, screaming comedians chanting ferociously for the camera. “You asked for it.”

But this is more an apology than a threat.

The shock element was (and still is, to an extent) the mainstay of the show, not for blood, itch, or tickle — what’s so exciting about having sex with a hen or a raging guy with a cabbage for a boss? – For being among the first to venture into a new territory for television. It was often funny because hell was icing on the salty pork.

The McKinney Chicken Lady, known for her flowery plumage, explosiveness, and very general orgasms (even while riding a coin-operated kid in the mall) is a good example of this. For McKinney, it was all in the service of the character. “It’s really not about ‘matter X’; it’s really about the chicken lady,” he said.

Along with Bruce McCulloch’s character “Kathy with AK”, Scott Thompson resurrects his temporary office worker “Cathy” character in the reboot.

During a recent CBC interview, most, if not all, actors seemed to agree with contemporary television standards moving toward more culturally sensitive and less derogatory material. Two expressions of this discussion have emerged: ‘cynical incompetence’ and ‘context ban’.

McKinney said that because he was interviewed again while filming the series, he couldn’t remember the exact words he used, but emphasized that any limitations encountered during the reboot were the result of self-censorship only. (He said that most viewers seemed to like their previous work, noting that most of their critics “used to be angry, religious people in the prairie.”)

He said of “Sometimes people have a problem with something, and you discuss it, some win and some lose” Young’ work process. “It is always a little arbitrary and a reflection of the moment. The clumsy joke will be scratched, and perhaps should, for art.”

Dave Foley and Bruce McCulloch play waiters at an upscale restaurant in Children in the hall Reboot.

He added, “We are definitely in a more sensitive time. I think it will change and … I think the temperature will drop. I think people’s attitudes towards comedy and censorship are waning and fading away.”

To illustrate that “plus ça change…” aspect, McKinney is back for an example from the band’s heyday. He said it included a sketch with Thompson in which the gay cast member defiantly wanted to show a “cum shot” in one scene. It happened “in season four or so,” McKinney said, “and we were feeling pretty full on ourselves.”

Thomson’s justification for the obvious? “But it is the substance of life!” exclaimed McKinney, with a chuckle at memory. And rightly so, they installed it. “

McKinney – a builder like this Young Mainstays like Daryl the Bartender, the Devil, the Head Breaker, and Free Bird Spirit mentioned above – were a bit hesitant to talk about which of his characters not appearing in the first five episodes might appear during the last three. “I don’t know I should say it. He said by way of explanation that the way we agreed on characters was ‘as needed’.”

Simple logistics and the shooting schedule put the kibosh into one piece he worked on: “The drawing I wrote would probably take two days to shoot,” he explained.

But he would pin hope on any frustrated fans: “If we were invited back for a few more episodes…”

As a suitable conclusion, a question related to a file Young A sketch about a company Zoom meeting deteriorating into a group masturbation session has McKinney quipped, “Yeah, I’m glad we’re not on Zoom right now, looking at each other with some likable pics…”

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