Kenan Thompson responds to Samuel L Jackson's claims about SNL ban

Kenan Thompson responds to Samuel L Jackson’s claims about SNL ban

Kenan Thompson recently responded to allegations by Samuel L. Jackson that he was banned from participating in NBC’s long-running variety show, Saturday Night Live.

Kenan Thompson recently responded to allegations by Samuel L. Jackson that he was banned from the long-running NBC variety show. Saturday Night Live. Kenan has been a member of the cast since 2003 and currently holds the record for the longest-running player in the series’ history. Kenan showed no desire to leave Saturday Night Live Anytime soon he’d like to make it past 20 seasons of the show.

On December 15, 2021, she hosted the episode SNL-Blame Martin Short, Jackson made a cameo appearance in the famous Kanan sketch “What’s Up? When it came time for Jackson to get angry, the actor exclaimed,”man and – k!After a short silence, Kenan improvises.Come on, Sam.“To which Jackson responds,”This is some nonsense!“Kanan pursues this with another improvisation.”come on now. This costs money.“After the incident, Jackson repeatedly claimed that he was being denied entry SNL as a result of.

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during the visit Tonight Show with Jimmy FallonKeenan addresses Jackson’s claim that the actor has been banned from participating SNL. When asked about the incident and the ban, Kanaan scolded the assertion and added,I don’t have the authority to do that. I don’t know why he thinks that.Keenan then looks into one of the cameras as if he’s addressing Jackson directly and apologizing.”hey sam? It’s all good, brother. You’re welcome anytime from what I’ve been hearing.Kinan reconsidered the moment and unpacked what went wrong. Read what Kinan had to say below.

“He dropped the F-bomb on the show and said I was supposed to cut it before but the main card, it was just an ‘F’ on the main card. It wasn’t like the whole word. So, I was thinking it would go as a dummy move and stop at the ‘f-‘ “Do you know what I mean?”

“He did it twice! When he did it the first time, I was treated like, ‘Oh, snap.'” He did and I didn’t, “or whatever.” I didn’t cut it in time. It just happened. I was like, ‘Okay, whatever. That was cool.” But we’re kind of expecting the ff from Sam Jackson, so it didn’t do any harm. Then he doubled down and repeated it again, and I said, ‘Yo, man, we have to pay for those.’

“Yeah, but he was mad at me for it. So, oh, my bad, brother. I didn’t think he would do it like that. Come whenever you like. It’s Sam Jackson—who wouldn’t want Sam Jackson on the show?”

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Jackson initially blamed Keenan in a Twitter post in which the actor said he did not complete the f-word, only part of it. Although Jackson kept claiming that he was banned from the show, it was recently Ellen ShowHis assertion appears to be a joke. Since Keenan is still just a member of the cast, he has no power to stop anyone from the show. Lorne Michaels, Creator Saturday Night Liveis the only person who can effectively prevent anyone from being present Display. However, former NBC CEO Don Ohlmeyer allegedly removed comedian Norm MacDonald from the Weekend Update section of the show, and eventually fired him from the series entirely.

Although there are quite a few celebrities who have been banned from participating SNL Over his many decades on air, like Kanye West for his political rants during the “Happy Nights” segment of the show or Adrien Brody for his Jamaican racist caricature, there’s been no dismissal or ban caused by vulgar language. former SNL Band member Paul Schaeffer pronounced the f-word during a sketch in 1980 where he was supposed to say the word “Skin. However, the musician came back a few times for many years after that. On the 2018 episode of the show, Sam Rockwell played a frustrated teacher with two eccentric kids who threw an f-bomb and received no ban. Although Jackson is yet to be banned. to me Saturday Night LiveKenan assured the actor that there is no ban and the actor can return at any time he wants.

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