Dunkin' Donuts sued by woman alleging severe burns from coffee spill - Nationwide |  Globalnews.ca

Dunkin’ Donuts sued by woman alleging severe burns from coffee spill – Nationwide | Globalnews.ca

A New Jersey woman is suing Dunkin’ Donuts after she spilled several cups of hot coffee in her lap and she suffered severe burns as a result.

Samantha Piccolo told CBS News that the accident happened last summer while having coffee in the morning.

Picclo told KKTV that she ordered three cups of coffee that morning and accepted the tray from an employee.

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“As he was trying to pass it to me, before I could even take it from him, I watched my very large cup of coffee fall forward,” said Picclo. “And then the other two fell on me.”

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“I’ve never felt such pain in my life.”

The lawsuit alleges that a stronger tray would have prevented the coffee from tipping over and spilling, but instead it was left to recover at a local burn center for three days.

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piclo said Inside Edition That the coffee was so badly burnt that she had to rip her pants before calling 911.

She says she has had burns on more than 30 percent of her skin.

Her story mimics the now-famous lawsuit over hot coffee in 1992, when a woman successfully sued fast food giant McDonald’s for $3 million in damages after suffering severe burns from a spilled cup of java. However, unlike in this case, Picklo’s lawsuit focuses on the coffee tray, not just the temperature of the brew.

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“All the industry has to do is have a higher, safer side mount,” her attorney, Paul D’Amato, told CBS News.

He told KKTV that they are looking into the manufacturer of the trays and will add that company to the suit as well.

“Her goal, as well as that of her husband, is to prevent this from happening to other people in the future,” D’Amato said.

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This isn’t the first time Dunkin’ Donuts has been sued by customers for coffee-related burns.

In April 2021, a man filed a lawsuit after he suffered severe burns due to a spilled cup of hot coffee.

And in October last year, another woman sued a Massachusetts convenience store Dunkin’ and two of its employees after she said the employee’s negligence resulted in three cups of coffee leaking into her lap, NBC News reported.

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