Karl Urban responds to Wolverine Fan-Casting demands

Karl Urban responds to Wolverine Fan-Casting demands

Actor Karl Urban from The Boys and Star Trek responds to all the X-Men fans online who think he should play Wolverine in the MCU.

boys Karl Urban hits back at describing internet fans as X-MenWolverine. Hugh Jackman resurrected Logan aka Wolverine as Marvel Comics for the first time launching the franchise first X-Men movie in 2000. Jackman went on to play the enhanced Adamantium eight more times, his last appearance in 2017. Logan.

naturally Logan It was intended as a true final farewell to Jackman’s Wolverine after nearly two decades as one of the most iconic comic book movie characters. But even though Jackman is done with the character, Wolverine will almost certainly live as the X-Men is now available to join the MCU following Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox. And it’s only natural that fans have their thoughts on who should take over as Jackman as the super-powerful Wolverine (if Jackman is really done with the role). Some of the actors cast as potential new Wolverines, such as Jason Momoa and Tom Hardy, seem unlikely, since they’ve already been established as other comic book characters. Some like Keanu Reeves and Brad Pitt make more sense since they aren’t related to any franchises that actually exist. Then there are seemingly wild cards like Daniel Radcliffe, who for whatever reason became a famous name in Wolverine.

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Another star who has emerged as a somewhat unexpected leader in Wolverine’s fan dreams is boys And the Star Trek urban actor. When he was recently told about repeatedly dumping fans on Logan on sites like Reddit (which the actor claims he hasn’t heard of), Urban seemed to be tickled but then continued to drop the idea altogether (via Watchman). He said:

“Oh really? It’s fun, but you have to think about it rationally. I’m two years younger than Hugh Jackman?” [It is closer to four years.] I mean, if I was a studio looking to pick someone like Wolverine, I’d pick someone I’d get three movies from. You won’t get three Karl Urban movies unless you want a 65-year-old Wolverine.”

You know Wolverine's first words perfectly.

Urban may of course be showing his modesty by giving reasons why he doesn’t make a good Wolverine. In fact, the fact of his relative maturity isn’t much of an argument against playing Logan, as being older and chirpy has proven to be an asset to Jackman in the role rather than a liability. In fact, fans will likely focus on Urban like Wolverine precisely because he’s at the right age to play the character the way Jackman did, where an old, exhausted superhero was forced by the world against his will to stay in combat.

But it obviously remains to be seen if Disney agrees with fans when it comes to what kind of actor would be best to bring Wolverine back to screens when X-Men Finally joined the MCU. Urban may have a point when he says that the studio will be seeking a younger actor to take over the character, as they hope to establish Wolverine as an ongoing presence in the MCU. On the other hand, perhaps Disney is siding with fans to realize that maturity is a really good thing when it comes to Wolverine, opposing what on the surface might seem like a smart business move of being young and energetic.

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Source: The Guardian

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