Andy Fletcher dead: 5 things about the Depeche mode keyboardist and founding member who passed away at the age of 60

Andy Fletcher dead: 5 things about the Depeche mode keyboardist and founding member who passed away at the age of 60

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Fans of goth, punk, new wave, rock and electric united in mourning for the Thursday aftermath Intercept mode announced that one of its founding members, keyboardist Andy Fletcher, he died. “We are shocked and deeply saddened by the sudden death of our dear friend, family member, and bandmate Andy Fletcher,” the group said in a statement posted on its social media accounts. “Fletch had a true heart of gold and was always there when you needed support, a lively conversation, a good laugh, or a cold pint.”

“Our thoughts are with his family, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts and respect their privacy at this difficult time,” the statement added. He did not mention the cause of death or any additional details. The sudden loss of such an influential musician caused waves of grief on the Internet. Here’s what you need to know about it.

Andy Fletcher was a founding member of Depeche Mode

Born in 1961 in Nottingham, Andy moved to Basildon, where he was associated with his schoolmates Vince Clark And the Martin Gor to form a band sound composition. With the addition of a singer Dev JahanThe band renamed itself Depeche Mode. Clarke left the group after the band’s debut album was released in 1981. Speak and spellreplaced it Alan Wilder Who will leave the group in 1995.

Depeche Mode would be one of the bands that helped make soundtracks in the ’80s and ’90s, with songs like “Just Can’t Get Enough,” “See You,” “Personal Jesus,” “Enjoy The Silence,” and “People are People.” “””And much more. While they were more commercially successful in their native England, Depeche Mode were one of the bands beloved by the new goths and vocalists during the mid to late 1980s.

“Within the band, I contribute the pop element,” Andy said. electronic beats in 2009.” Martin El Gore, who writes most songs, loves American blues and country music. Dave discovered jazz for himself. However, I probably feel forever loyal to the simple pop melodies and lightness that they represent. My kids also love pop music. ​​”

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2020

Depeche Mode has been announced as part of the Rock & Roll Hall Celebrity Class of 2020. Although COVID prevented the band from traveling to Cleveland to accept the honor in person, they were still able to express their gratitude.

He was happy to be out of the spotlight

Fletcher was the only Depeche Mode member without songwriting credits, per consequenceAnd he didn’t sing at the party. He is best known for his 1989 joke, “Martin is the songwriter, Alan the good musician, Dave is the vocalist, and I’m annoying.” However, Fletcher later clarified that his role was more complex than that.

He said, “The tall man in the background, without whom this international company called Depeche Mode would never function.” Electronic beats. “There is a huge misconception that in guitar ensembles, real men work on real instruments – evening after evening – while in a synthesizer ensemble like Depeche Mode, nobody works, because they are all machines. But this is nonsense.”

Dave Gahan (lead vocals, co-songwriting), Martin Gore (keyboards, guitar, lead songwriting), Andy Fletcher (keyboards), Alan Wilder (keyboards) in 1987 (Shutterstock)

Andy said while talking to The Bohemian in 2009. “We didn’t have a director at that point, so that was something I was totally interested in. But, like I said, I’m not the one among the warring factions right now. I’m in the back, because there are no warring factions… Touch wood… desk touch here… and the atmosphere in the band is good, you know. I love being in the background. I guess you can’t have a band while everyone in the band is going for the lights.”

was a dj

Depeche’s situation never really exploded, but there were times when band members did their own thing. Both Dave and Martin worked on individual projects. For Andy, he became a successful DJ.

“I’m using about 50% vinyl and 50% CD at the moment,” he said. bohemian; “I don’t know what I’m going to do next, maybe a little bit more computing, I don’t know. But it was a normal setup. I try to play a lot of music that I feel is appropriate for Depeche mode, but I play anything really. I enjoy it, and I tend to go places which Depeche style doesn’t go to much, like Bucharest and places like that.”

His wife and children survived him

Andy married his longtime girlfriend, Green Mulan, In the early nineties. The two welcomed two children together, a daughter named Megan And a son named Atmosphere.

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