Why does one need a full body scan - Digital Magazine

Why does one need a full body scan – Digital Magazine

Health is precious and is above wealth! Wealth can only be achieved when you are healthy and healthy inside and out. Being healthy on the inside means your organ system is working well. To maintain a healthy body in general, it is important to follow a correct and nutritious diet.

Furthermore, a Full body check up It is something that should be done at least once a year to make sure that your health is in good shape. The whole body consists of an important test to determine the current state of health of the body. In general, regular medical examination protects you from sudden health conditions and also from unexpected expenses.

Let’s have a look at some other reasons why one needs to Full body check up.

Before proceeding to find out the causes, let us first know what a full body examination is and what test is included in it.

Full Body Examination – Definition

a Full body check up It is the ultimate solution for your health if you get sick frequently or face any chronic disease. With the help of a full body examination, a person can pay more attention to his health when he learns about the exact state of his health. It informs the doctor about the person’s medical history, illness, and other related problems.

What does a full body examination consist of?

a Full body check up Covers all important tests to give brief information about your health. It consists of all the following tests:

  • Routine urine and microscopy
  • Iron Studies
  • Kidney function test or KFT
  • Complete a Hemogram or CBC
  • Liver function test or LFT and many other tests.

Lifestyle changes may also lead to health complications. The factor that affects your health is:

  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • Eating unhealthy foods
  • Being overweight or obese
  • smoking
  • Excessive alcohol consumption
  • drugs

Reasons for a full body examination

It is important that a person undergoes a comprehensive body examination at least once a year to monitor the general state of health. Here are some of the reasons why one should have regular checkups:

  • a full body examination It not only saves you from the worst health problems but also saves your huge medical expenses.
  • It tells the person about his deteriorating health condition or any escalating disease and the doctor suggests preventive measures to control its effect. A health problem can occur at any age and at any time and to protect your body from serious problems, going for a regular check-up is the only way out.
  • A full body scan helps in early detection of the disease and take precautions in advance to protect yourself from its harmful effect on the body. Moreover, it saves one before the worst case appears.
  • Moreover, a medical examination helps in a quick recovery as the doctor recognizes the disease at first. With proper treatment, a doctor can ensure a speedy recovery.
  • One can say that health screening can increase the lifespan of an individual when he recognizes the disease at an early stage. Besides, it also reduces the burden of medical expenses.
  • Finally, a full body examination It monitors the general health of the body including all the essential organs. Dysfunction in any of the body’s organs seriously affects the general functioning of the body. Hence, regular examination plays a vital role in one’s life.

Who needs a full body scan?

A person who often gets sick or a person who constantly suffers from some chronic health problem should go to a Full body examination. There is also a need

  • If someone has had cancer before, a medical examination helps them improve their health.
  • If the individual has symptoms such as diarrhoea, cough or difficulty breathing.
  • When someone crosses the age of 50 because they are more prone to health problems and get sick easily.

Importance of KFT Treatment in Whole Body Examination

  • The KFT It plays an important role in reporting the health status of the kidneys. Checks the level of urea, uric acid and serum creatinine. Any decrease or increase in the level of the components of the kidneys may lead to serious health problems including kidney or liver disease or even organ failure.
  • Fabry disease, cystine disease, glomerulonephritis, and lupus nephritis are a few types of kidney diseases that have a negative impact on the body.
  • a Kidney function testIntended for those experiencing symptoms such as loss of appetite, itchy skin, insomnia, frequent urination (especially at night), blood in the urine, shortness of breath, and feeling tired.

Before sitting for the test, the doctor will take a blood sample for analysis. A person may also need to fast overnight before going for the test. The doctor confirms an accurate test report and suggests the best treatment.

One must prioritize their health before anything else. A tired mind is often the cause of poor health. Reducing your stress is just as important as eating healthy food. Eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting 8 hours of sleep and most importantly, working on the stress level helps one live a healthy and happy life.

Live in the moment and enjoy the present, and if you face any health issue, get a medical check-up soon. Health issues can become a hindrance and prevent you from achieving your desired goals. Hence, it is essential that you keep your health in good shape to be wealthy and successful.

A summary of the above

Ignorance is bliss! is not it? But when it comes to your health, ignorance becomes a curse. Your health can never be ignored, and if you do, you are actually welcoming life-threatening illnesses or serious health issues. Therefore, the doctor recommends that you undergo periodic medical examinations or Whole Body Exams From a trusted health center like Redcliffe Laboratories.

Contact our team of experts to book your appointment for a full medical examination and do not hesitate to ask for answers to your test related questions.

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