Star Trek made the best TOS scene in Uhura even better

Star Trek made the best TOS scene in Uhura even better

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds takes a classic Uhura moment from Star Trek: The Original Series and adds a deeper meaning behind it.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Elevate one of Uhura’s greatest moments from original series Its something more private. pick up in heels (top secret) Star Trek: Discovery season 2, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds He returned Christopher Pike of Anson Mount to the captain’s chair of the Enterprise, searching for new life and new civilizations. He is joined by a few familiar faces, the most notable among the debutants is Celia Rose Gooding as Cadet Nyota Aoora. Played memorably by Nichelle Nichols in the past years, Strange new worlds Gives Uhura more time and character development than Star Trek Ever during the ’60s – especially during the second episode, “Children of a Comet”.

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Uhura’s first mission away becomes a baptism of fire when a giant comet threatens the peaceful civilization of Persephone V before turning around. The remote Enterprise team is in control, Uhura’s language skills offer one last, desperate hope. In the end, Ora realizes that the music is unlocking the mysteries of the comet. The day is then saved by Celia Rose Gooding’s super green communications officer as he wanders around this giant strange egg singing an old Kenyan song. Once the comet is successfully diverted, Uhura delivers a cipher by decoding the musical notes to reveal a secret message of peace.

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Uhura’s singing talent is more than just another streak for her already gorgeous arc, however – it’s a nostalgic return to the past. Star Trek: The Original Series. Nichelle Nichols gave many musical performances during the 1960s Star Trek Important, most notably the first season “Charlie X”. Enchanting the Enterprise Entertainment Hall with the song “Oh, on a Starship Enterprise,” Aura’s impressive voice made a magical, ethereal introduction, and was added to capitalize on Nichols’ great musical prowess. Celia Rose Gooding’s Aura wanders around a space comet singing while Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Episode 2 is a great tribute to her character’s famous crooning scene in the ’60s original series, he wanders into the restroom of the institution and does exactly the same. The connotation becomes stronger by the presence of Spock. In 1966, Spock was accompanied by Leonard Nimoy with Nicholls Nichols on his recital. Fast forward (or backward?) to Star Trek: Strange New WorldsSpock’s Ethan Peake sings awkwardly with his fellow Enterprise.

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More than a touching tribute to the past, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It turns Uhura’s famous singing talent into a real and meaningful plot point. While her voice is cheerful It was just casually dressing up Star Trek: The Original SeriesUhura’s singing ability saves an entire civilization in Strange new worlds – Her unique blend of language and musical skills achieved a feat that no other member of the Enterprise crew (no one important enough to appear on screen, at least) could replicate. It’s a win made by both Uhura. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It also casts “Charlie X” in a whole new light. Maybe when Spock was playing his comeback alongside Uhura in Star Trek: The Original Serieshe fondly remembered their impromptu performance on Comet Persephone V’s mission.

Turning Uhura’s passion for singing into a central point sums up how Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Celia Rose Gooding’s character evolution. The recent series outlines the essential and fascinating aspects of Uhura (who, let’s be honest, didn’t always receive the most important storylines in the Star Trek: The Original Series) and amplify it. As the weeks go on, we hope audiences will see the same development of untapped supporting characters like Nurse Chapel and Samuel Kirk.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds It continues Thursday at Paramount+.

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