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How does the global view of Google Maps help you explore the city

Google Maps is ready to compete with Apple Maps’ 3D mode feature. During the I/O keynote in May 2022, the tech company announced that it will add a new pan view feature in Google Maps, which will allow users to easily explore cities.

The sweeping view gives you a 3D model of the world, making it easier to navigate cities. Here’s everything you need to know about the global view of Google Map.

Google is launching a comprehensive view in Maps

Google is launching a new feature in Google Maps called Universal View. The feature adds an extra layer to Google Maps, first launched as a simple app to help you navigate to your destination. With the presence of Street View and Live View as well as the new global view, the platform will improve a lot.

“You’ll be able to experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant, or popular place looks like – and even feel like you’re there before you step inside,” Google said in a blog post.

What is the global view of Google Maps?

Pan view is a feature that combines Street View and aerial imagery, creating a 3D model of the world. For starters, you can use Street View, one of the best features of Google Maps for navigation, to explore interesting places using a digital form. Live View is built on top of Street View, giving you an easy way to navigate using the digital model of the place.

The immersive view takes an extra mile, which adds extra depth and allows you to view a city from above and drill down to view more details about a specific location.

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How the panoramic view will help you explore cities

With the all-encompassing view, Google Maps will now give you a digital experience of a place before you even go there. Let’s say you want to visit San Francisco soon, you can search for the specific area you plan to visit, and Google Maps will give you a digital model of the place with the main prominent locations.

You can see the area at different times and in different climatic conditions, as well as discover crowded places that you should probably avoid. If you want to check out different places to eat, Immersive View will show you the available restaurants with the option to view more details up close. You can even look inside a 3D restaurant to experience what it looks like.

The comprehensive view will show you useful information such as how busy the restaurant is at the moment and the traffic nearby. Here are some tips to help you use Google Maps like a pro.

Support and availability of global view of Google Maps

According to Google, Immersive View will work on “almost any phone and device”. The universal offer will be launched later in 2022, and unfortunately it will not be available in all major cities initially.

Google plans to roll out the feature in just five cities at launch, including Tokyo, London, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. The plan is to expand coverage to more cities in the future.

3D Cities Experience

Whether you want to explore a different city or discover hidden games in your city, Google Maps will make it easier than ever. Pan view gives you a panoramic view of the city, and you can scroll down to view what it looks like from the ground.

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