Flames Playoff Post-Game: Mangiapane rises in Flames' win over Dallas

Flames Playoff Post-Game: Mangiapane rises in Flames’ win over Dallas

For two stints in Game 5, both Calgary Flames and Dallas Stars played a very strict hockey game. The only difference between them was the odd Dallas goal that bounced off Noah Hanifin. But the flame came out with something to prove in the third period. After 20 minutes, the Flames had themselves a leader.

The Flames rode three goals in the third inning – two thanks to the efforts of Andrew Mangiapane, and a third that didn’t score an empty net – for a 3-1 win over Dallas in Game Six. The Flames leads the best of seven first-round series. 3-2.


The opening period was a rather low event and she scored very low – neither team scored. Neither team generated a ton in the same strength, and the two teams traded a pair of mediocre strength play during this time.

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Shots were 7-7 (5-4 stars on five out of five) and scoring chances were 5-3 stars in the first period. (The high stakes odds were 4-0 stars.)

The second period saw the two teams exchange great and impending missed opportunities before Dallas finally opened the scoring.

First, Jacob Markstrom’s attempt from behind the net in the corner was intercepted by Dallas. The disc was tossed forward and Markstrom placed, trying to block the path to the grid. Joe Pavelsky hit the puck’s bouncing off Markstrom’s outstretched gauntlet and sailed through the air, just scanning the open net and landing behind the net.

The Flames had a good chance of their own, as Tyler Toffoli fired a sharp-angle shot to Jake Oettinger’s right that veered off the goalkeeper’s padding, exploded in the air and fell behind him in a crease, only to run away. Defender stars.

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The stars finally opened the scoring midway through the second half. The Flames had two good chances, but the disc took an odd rebound and flipped into the neutral, taking an odd rebound past Chris Tanniff. This sent Dallas into a hurry. Markstrom’s Jason Robertson shot went from Noah Hanifen, and rebounded into the far side of the net to give the Stars a 1-0 lead.

The Flames had a late power game in this period, but they couldn’t generate much offensively.

Shots were 9-9 (8-8 at five on five) and scoring chances were 5-5 in the second half.

The fire pressed in the third and finally returned in the middle of the third. Blake Coleman quickly entered the star zone and hit the puck at the net. Andrew Mangyapan fended off the loose rebound, rolled it and redirected it out of Mikael Backlund’s stick (in the far corner) to tie the match 1-1.

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After a few minutes, Flames took the lead. The Flames won the puck fight in a showdown, and Backlund made a superb pass to send Mangiapane toward the Stars net quickly. Mangiapane fired a shot that beat Oettinger to give Flames a 2-1 lead.

Trevor Lewis added an empty goal, the stars fought for a loose puck ball after Jonny Goudreau missed a net empty chance from the neutral zone. This made it a 3-1 match and cemented the Flames’ win.

Shots were 16-5 Flames (14-5 Flames in five against five) and scoring chances were 11-5 Flames in the third inning. (The high stakes odds were 4-0 Flames.)

Why did the flame win

Flames did not perform well in the first two periods. Sure, they were in the right places and didn’t do the right things, but they found ways to beat their own way: missed passes, missed shots, etc.

But the Flames came out in the third inning looking to play a good 20 minutes of home hockey, and they definitely went for the stars. They performed well, jostled, won fights, executed their second streak very well and swung the game in their favour.

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red warrior

It should be Mangiapane, but Backlund and Coleman were also excellent. This line set fire to the third period.

The turning point

We own two. The first: the green light for Manjiabani in the third half. He was a goal scorer and won the Flames game. But don’t discount Flames’ superb penalty after that goal, as they gave the stars nothing – not even a shot – and prevented the visitors from generating any momentum.


The percentage stats are 5v5 and via Natural Stat Trick. Game score by Hockey Stat Cards.

is expected
goals for %
oh area
Godbranson 86.8 50.0 2.67
Zadorov 82.9 63.2 2.95
Dobby 82.8 42.9 1.04
Tkachuk 80.8 75.0 0.86
garnrock 80.6 50.0 0.79
manjiapan 60.8 75.0 2.78
Coleman 58.0 80.0 2.19
Lindholm 51.9 66.7 0.78
Godro 51.4 63.6 1.18
Backlund 51.1 75.0 2.58
Toffoli 44.0 66.7 -0.72
to forbid 41.4 87.5 -0.08
Killington 40.0 80.0 -0.66
Anderson 34.3 40.0 -0.57
Hanifin 32.9 50.0 -0.89
tanif 32.2 100 -1.09
Louis 27.1 75.0 0.68
Lusic 19.8 66.7 -1.31
Markstrom 1.07

this and that

The Flames played with 11 forwards and seven players, as they did in Game 4. The first three front lines settled like this in the third period:

  • Goudreau – Lindholm – Toffoli
  • Mangiapane – Backlund – Coleman
  • Dobby – Rynkrock – Tkachuk
  • Lucic and Luis played winger.

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next one

These two teams will do it again in Dallas, where Game Six takes place Friday night. It’s 7:30 PM MT start (7:50-ish puck drop) where Flames will try to draw the curtain on the chain and the stars will try to survive.

The Flames leads this series best of seven 3-2.

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