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What happens to Google Meet and Google Duo?

Messaging and video conferencing apps are some of the main tools that help us stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues. Google Duo and Meet services make it possible, and you’ll soon be able to experience the best of both worlds on one platform.

Google is bringing Duo and Meet into one app to make it easier to stay in touch with the people in your life from one place. This article will highlight what happens to Google Meet and Google Duo and how it affects you.

Google combines Duo and Meet Into One Platform

Google combines Google Duo and Google Meet into one app. The news was announced by Google Workspace Vice President and General Manager, Javier Soltero, in a Google Cloud blog post in June 2022. Soltero explained:

As part of our ongoing investment in helping people stay connected, and adapting to users’ evolving needs, we’re upgrading the Duo experience to include all Google Meet features. This integrated experience will provide users with a single solution for both video calls and meetings with people across their lives.

Google Duo is Google’s social messaging solution and video calling app like FaceTime, while Google Meet is used to connect professionals via group conference calls like Zoom.

From now on, Google Duo will be the home of the built-in platform. It’s an extension, but Google hopes it’s your go-to solution for your professional and social needs.

The pandemic has increased the demand for solutions that provide seamless online experiences as more people communicate remotely. As a result, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses and technology companies to provide efficient and interconnected platforms to meet those needs.

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How the integration of Google Duo and Google Meet will affect users

Google Duo will keep its features, such as the ability to make video calls and text your loved ones using their phone numbers or email addresses. As a Google Duo user, you will not lose your chat history or contacts as a result of the merge.

However, the app will be somewhat different, as Google Meet features will be added to it. If you’re a stranger to Google Meet, expect to find Zoom-like features, such as the ability to schedule meetings in advance.

You will be able to customize your background and participate in live conversations during a conference call. You can participate in calls with up to 100 members, and you’ll have access to more of the tools you know from Google, like Gmail, Google Calendar, and more.

The integration will take place in the coming weeks and the new built-in Duo app will be renamed Google Meet later in 2022. The existing Google Meet platform will be renamed Meet Original and will likely be scrapped over time.

Failed Google Messaging Apps

It looks like Google is trying to create a more amplified version of WhatsApp and FaceTime, but we’re wondering how it will turn out, given Google’s poor track record with messaging apps.

Google launched Google Duo and its messaging counterpart, Google Allo in 2016 as social versions of business solutions – Google Chat and Google Meet. But Google Allo was canned in March 2019 after it failed to boot.

Providing a streamlined messaging service remains a challenge for Google, but we hope it will apply the lessons learned from its failed products over the years to make the built-in Google Meet a success.

Can Google Meet compete with other chat apps?

While Google is judicious in simplifying its messaging apps, it aspires to bundle many functions into one platform — especially when it has failed to offer a solution of this kind in the past.

While we understand Google’s vision for a new and improved Google Meet, we’re not convinced that it could be a strong contender against the likes of WhatsApp and FaceTime, at least not yet.

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