Square Enix never needed a Tomb Raider & Thief in the first place

Square Enix never needed a Tomb Raider & Thief in the first place

Advertisement Square Enix Many of its western studios sell gaming IPs like Tomb rider And thief It was a surprise to many, given the popularity of some of these franchises. However, Square Enix doesn’t need these products to thrive as a publisher, as it can simply renew its focus on the kind of games that originally defined the company. Game series like The former godAnd thiefAnd Tomb rider All of them have established fandoms, but they haven’t meshed comfortably with the Japanese IPs that have made Square Enix so successful in the past – most notably JRPG series like Dragon Adventure And Final Fantasy. The first is still the first Japanese RPG series, while in the West Final Fantasypopular beats Dragon Adventure. Both series received new major installments and subsidiaries along with upgraded western products published by Square Enix. Simplifying the company means its other IP addresses, including Enix franchises such as ocean star And Valkyrie’s Profileand a series of square games such as long story And front missionIt could get more attention now, which will be good news for fans of the genre.

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Although some fans were skeptical about the 2003 merger of Enix and Square, companies that had previously competed in the JRPG space, the union at least made sense. The two leaders in JRPGs, holding their main perks, Dragon Adventure For Enix and Final Fantasy For Square, it became one of the powerful engines that easily dominated the genre since that time. The sale of several of the company’s western studios and assets may encourage it to put more resources behind these leaders, as well as open doors to reconsider more obscure entries from the company’s back catalog, along with creating new IPs in their signature style. Recent ads already support this idea, such as Valkyrie Elysium Give Valkyrie’s Profile A sequel after 23 years. More HD-2D style recreations including Dragon Quest 3 She is on the horizon, the sixth main line ocean star Game, divine powerseems to be swaying in search of fences with their wonderful huge environments.

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With Eidos-Montreal and Crystal Dynamics showing off the Embracer Group, Square Enix has even more momentum to focus on its own identity. Selling these talented developers along with their high-profile IP addresses may seem questionable from a business point of view, but from a consumer point of view, there is nothing to worry about. While companies in the industry naturally focus on profitability and shareholders, for the masses, the quality and value of their games is all that matters. Best case scenario of selling gives IP addresses like Deux Ex And kenya heritage A new lease of life with Embracer Group, while encouraging Square Enix to return to focus on making its in-house produced games as best they can be. Some concerns have been raised that the sale could mean the end of marvel avengersHowever, the poor reception and sales of this game may be a major factor in making the decision to sell in the first place.

Square Enix needs a renewed focus on RPG franchises like Star Ocean

Ocean Star Divine Power City

There are certainly less optimistic results that can come from selling. A renewed focus on Square Enix’s own franchises, including the return of more obscure IPs like hobo story or eve parasiteIt would be perfect for fans of the genre. Some worrying signs point elsewhere, like Square Enix President Yoshida Matsuda’s letter detailing vague plans to pursue NFTs in games. Expressing an intent to push NFTs reflects a serious disconnect from the consumer market. NFTs take advantage of blockchain-based sequencing to create a single piece of data, which is functionally identical to any other copy, digitally authenticated as unique or original. Overreliance on online games that always focus on microtransactions, such as marvel avengers, can cause problems for Square Enix, but NFTs are much worse. Some fans pointed out that the company president’s speech contradicts Final Fantasy 7Its message, and makes modern Square Enix look more like the fictional Shinra company than ever before. Far from a few unproven scam speculative investors, NFTs are mostly viewed negatively, and their adverse environmental impact makes the Shinra comparison apt.

It would be better to serve Square Enix by making its new games up to the standards of its previous classics, rather than wasting resources on an unpopular fad whose bubble may have already burst. A company can use the sale to strike a better balance to honor its past as well as in the recent times chrono cross remaster, building on his legacy, as with the new Valkyrie’s Profileand create original IPs, such as games developed by Tokyo RPG Factory, which include Sphere lost And Uninaki. Enix ocean star And Namco Tales The series started on Super Nintendo and has involved many of the same developers. where Tales It thrived on many entries to become a JRPG series on par with Dragon Adventure And Final FantasySquare Enix has put quite a few of its resources behind it ocean star. It’s possible new ocean star can learn from tales of resurrectionThe Tales The most well-received series in years, and a return to its former glory as well.

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There are many ways Square Enix can work to restore its reputation in the industry. The use of any portion of the expected $300 million from its Western developers’ sale of NFT-related products is not among them. Square Enix has already proven that it can do justice to its core products and deliver quality games. Dragon Quest 11 It was among the best RPGs of its generation, twisted games yoke The series has built a larger fan base than Drakengard The privilege he gave birth to. The latest HD-2D original games like triangle strategy And Octopate Traveler New titles that embody classic gameplay and aesthetics, introduced HD-2D Dragon Quest 3 It will introduce a new generation of fans to one of the best 8-bit RPGs. since its renovation Final Fantasy 14 It won several gaming awards for its quality expansions, and FF14 It was so popular, Square Enix stopped selling it for a while.

Square Enix can repair or worsen its reputation with NFTs

Final Fantasy 16 Doesn't Distract From FFXIV With FFXVI Scene Update

Even absent a separate focus from its Western-developed products, there are persistent micro-transaction-based mobile gaming that pulls resources away from polished console and PC experiences. The last thing Square Enix needs right now is to waste resources and do more damage to its reputation by sticking with NFTs. Even after the sale, Square Enix will keep some Western IP addresses, including life is strange And Just a reason. Loss of popular franchises like Tomb rider And The former god Noteworthy, but it puts the company on a bend: Square Enix They can either renew their focus on the type of games that made the company famous in the first place, or they can squander any remaining goodwill by putting profit first and trying to monetize the NFT, rather than trusting the quality of their games to match the market.

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