Canadians warn against educating air carriers |

Canadians warn against educating air carriers |

Canadians are advised to exercise caution when choosing an engine whether they are moving across town or country.

Both the Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) and the Better Business Bureau that serves southern Alberta and eastern Kootenay (BBB) ​​told Global News it’s a long time for fraud and fraud involving carriers.

“It’s been crazy the past few years,” said CAM President Nancy Irvine.

Irvine said the booming real estate market across the country has spawned a lot of “night-flying” moving companies, leading to increased complaints from customers.

“They say to people, ‘Oh, yeah, we can move you around without any problem,’ she said. ‘Make all these promises that won’t happen.’”

Irvine added that rushing to move out and live in a new home also resulted in clients not doing their due diligence. And while many think they are getting a good deal, it may cost them a lot more in the end.

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“People are still being scammed because people are not doing their research,” she said. “They think it’s Amazon – just click and tap online and choose the lowest price. The lowest price is never the bargain when it comes to traffic.”

“We’ve seen it (the final bills) is $20,000 more than the quoted price.”

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He told BBB Global News that nearly 1,100 complaints were filed against carriers in 2021. In addition, consumers reported losing more than $730,000 in mobile scams to BBB SCAM Tracker, a 216% increase in financial losses compared to a year ago. 2020.

The BBB added that this does not include the emotional loss of “holding your belongings hostage”.

“You want to make sure you’re hiring someone you can trust,” said Mary O’Sullivan Andersen, president and CEO of BBB.

“Make sure you have up-to-date estimates and up-to-date contracts and that all the services are really clear that you are paying for them. And that you are not paying up front for the entire step.”

Highland Moving & Storage GM Liam McQuillan standing next to one of his trucks.

Tomasya da Silva

It’s also important to hire professional staff who can deliver what they have to offer, said Liam McQuillan, general manager of Highland Moving & Storage.

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Highland has been in the transportation business since 1938 and has been called upon to fix mistakes or broken promises by others.

“Especially on transition day,” McQuillan said. “Maybe someone made a reservation for one of the lesser known carriers and they simply didn’t show up. They may have booked another job at a higher price or simply weren’t able to provide the service at first.”

It often depends on price to the consumer — and again, it shouldn’t, McQuillan said.

“There is a wide range of prices in this industry,” he said. “The pricing range will be wide but so will the level of service.”

“The thing I generally say is like many things in life, you get what you pay for,” he added.

Warning to consumers: Hire professional movers.

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Other things to watch

Global News has run into some moving companies claiming to have offices in the city on their website, but no physical location when we investigate.

Irvine said this is common. She also said that people with poor reputations and reviews will often choose to beat themselves up so customers aren’t aware of it.

“They changed all their names to new names and then they are there now. They have no buildings, no trucks,” she added.

McQuillan added, “Make sure you have a location for them in your city. They won’t sell your move to a third-party operator. If you get the chance, you’ll probably visit the office. Surely someone answers the phone.”

What is the most important part of both? Make sure the company you are hiring is certified.

Founded in 1969, the Canadian Movers Association is the only official national trade organization representing moving and warehousing companies in Canada.

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