Inspired by Top Gun 36 years ago, a pilot in Northern Ontario sees a sequel with her son |  CBC News

Inspired by Top Gun 36 years ago, a pilot in Northern Ontario sees a sequel with her son | CBC News

Nicole Parker’s life has mirrored a story Better in several ways.

Parker, from North Bay, Ont., is a pilot with Air Canada and recently watched the long-awaited Part Two Top Gun: Maverick.

Back in 1986, she was 15 years old when she watched the original drama film, which focuses on students at the US Navy’s Elite Combat Weapons School.

At the time, she was already interested in aviation and was an air student in Trenton, Ont.

“What [Top Gun] Doing that was kind of enhancing my love of flying and my love of flying,” Parker said.

Two years after watching the movie, Parker obtained a pilot’s license. Several years later, her life mimics the Tom Cruise movie in a new way.

In the original film, Pete (Maverick) Mitchell falls in love with Cruise’s character with his flying instructor, Charlotte (Charlie) Blackwood, played by Kelly McGillis.

Parker was a flight instructor, too. She had a contract to teach cadets at the Royal Military College in Kingston. She also had a secret relationship with one of her students.

“I met him at a bar, you know, we talked, and then you know what? I came to the airport,” she said. “Over the next week, I found out he was my student.”

The relationship took flight

They secretly dated for two years before appearing at his graduation as a married couple. The relationship grew. They fell in love, got married and were together for 16 years.

Parker says the original Top Gun fueled her love of flying. She took in the sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, with her 17-year-old son over the weekend. (Provided by Nicole Parker)

“My ex-husband has been a bit of a rebel and someone who has been kind of thinking outside the box throughout his career and life,” Parker said.

She said, like Cruz Maverick, her two lovers had a motorcycle when they first started dating.

“I remember going for a run on the runway in Kingston and then getting a phone call from the tower there saying, ‘One of your students and some of your blonde girlfriends are on the runway.'”

A newspaper snapshot shows Justin Wall and Nicole Parker, right, at an air show in Abbotsford, British Columbia, in 1997. Parker says their relationship is reminiscent of the love story in Top Gun. (Provided by Justin Wall)

Parker’s ex-husband, Justin Wall, confirmed the motorcycle story.

“That was before 9/11,” he said in an interview.

“So they didn’t have…security and everything. Sure you weren’t allowed to be on the runway, but at that time in Kingston you’d know if there were planes coming in because the runway lights would be on.”

The original wal said Better Inspired him to become a pilot.

“I watched that movie and I’m like, ‘That’s it.’ I was intent on going and flying planes from the aircraft carrier, but as a Canadian, you really have to move mountains.”

“Lots of Fun” sequel, says the Canadian pilot

When the much-anticipated sequel was released last weekend, Parker watched the movie on opening night with their 17-year-old son.

“It was so much fun,” she said of the movie. “I think they did some really great flight scenes. So that didn’t disappoint. Great soundtrack, lots of singles lines.”

Tom Cruise plays Captain Pete[Maverick]Mitchell in Top Gun: Maverick from Paramount Pictures, Skydance, and Jerry Bruckheimer Films. (maximum pictures)

As with the original film, the filmmakers worked closely with the US Navy and attached half a dozen Imax-certified cameras to every combat aircraft featured in the film. Cruz also designed an intensive five-month training program for his young stars.

The film resonated with audiences and grossed US$156 million domestically during its opening weekend.

listen | Pilot Nicole Parker of North Bay, Ontario explains how her life mirrors the story of Top Gun:

Morning North8:47A woman from North Bay’s life bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the characters in the original Top Gun

The first Top Gun movie came out on the big screen about 35 years ago. There’s now a new Top Gun, but it’s a character in the original movie who shares a very similar story to that of North Bay’s Nicole Parker. Nicole joined us to talk about the uncanny parallels between her life and that of the character played by actress Kelly McGills.

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